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    Not sure if this is already in the works as an alternative to archery but thought it would fit the technology we're working with.

    The atlatl is basically used to throw spears with greater force and precision. It's a wooden handle that extends the leverage of the thrower's arm.

    I'll try to post this image:

    If that's a copyright issue, apologies, not sure what the rules are for that.

    Could be made with a medium wood handle, 2 leather straps for your fingers to fit through, velvet or felt cloth straps for the handle, and maybe 12-16 rivets to attach the straps.
    Craft knife and hammer.

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    Still hoping for archery

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColonelTEE3 View Post
    Still hoping for archery
    Yup, I wasn't clear. Should have said in addition to.

    I meant as an alternative in game. You can put a bow on your back, or you could choose an atlatl on your hip type of thing.

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    I don't think they had rivets :/...

    stone (tip) +medium wood pole+feathers = ammo
    medium/small wooden handle + knife for the weapon version 1.

    There are multiple melee weapons, so there should be multiple ranged ones as well. For the future obviously.

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