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    Guide Event Report 21st April

    So i log Isis into game and discover no one else in my Redtail Tribe is online.

    I have the intention of doing some terraform flattening, so i head over to grab a shovel from my tent annd then there in bright white lettering, a Guide was talking in /s saying his event will start in one minute...

    I'm like oh what a shame ill never get there in time. wherever it is..whatever it is...

    So i grab my shovel and l think right.. terraforming....

    But then the Guide speaks again... "hello anybody there?"

    Nobody answers so i think..what the hell "i'm here GuideMihr"

    The Guide speaks agan "there is an event starting in zone 1059 now called Hunt GuideMihr. all you have to do is find me in zone 1059 ill give clues every 15 mins, the winner will get a gift of their own choosing"

    Awesome! 1059 is my Zone! I'm here now thought I dropping my shovel back at my tent. I was already wondering where i would go if i was him..hmm cant be far off a road, but not too near a tribeland... maybe on a mountain top... I start seaching the likely places in my mind..

    13.5 mins later...
    By this time others had obviously just started coming online...asking in Zone Chat what the hell was going on.

    Having checked the closest areas i was spiraling out my search...

    When the Guide spoke "my height is between 600 and 650"

    "well that doesnt really help much, most of the zone is that high!" remarked Tryste in /s chat
    I too had similar thoughts.. but being slightly more optimistic i thought of the places it ruled out, the low lying areas and the areas above that height like our own blessed Redtail Camp.
    I was working my way along a grey road running between a strip of junk pile and a river when..

    I saw movement ahead of me on the grey road..surely this couldnt be the it couldnt apparently..because it was a Coyote and it was running straight at me...quickly slipping my knives from there sheaths and assuming a combative stance i was ready when the coyote hit me head on and a few flashes of steel later the coyote lay dead at my feet...stripping the carcass as quickly as i could i moved on up the road.. searching for the ellusive Guide.

    approx 4 mins later ..

    the Guide spoke again " If you come across a raccoon, a coyote or a mule deer you know your close to me as I've spawned a ring of animals around my position"

    My Heart fell through the floor flopping about beating madly.. in a rising sweat I did a quick 180 and headed back the way I'd come.

    Retracing my steps to the site of the Coyote killing I knew I was close and in with a chance of winning this thing..

    i stood at the site of my recent buchery surveying the landscape... to one side the river, to the other a bit of a hill and was that a campfire i see up there?

    working my way around the sheer rock facing onto the road i circled my way up to the top of the grassy hill. sure enough three campfires were burning brightly...

    I avidly scaned the area seaching for the Guide in the waning light..

    I shot forward catapulted by the antlers of the Mule Deer that slammed into my back.."oh yeah right other animals too. the Guide had said"... fortunately my knives were still gripped in my hands from the Coyote fight... turning to face the beast i made short work of it, steel blades glinting in the moonlight darkened by the blood of beast that now slumped on the ground. I harvested the corpse and now severly encumbered, I sluggishly continued my search.. to no avail

    /w GuideMihr "well I've killed your coyote and mule deer and found your campfires but I cant find you....
    fortunatley the Guide replied with " you must be close then I am only 10 meters from the fires"

    Suddenly the Guide spoke in /s again "the third clue. you'll know your near my location when you see my campfire"

    Desperately searching the area in the gloom i spied a small outcroping of rock and was that..could that be.. a humanoind shape stood on top of that rock

    The Guide whispered to me "I can see you"
    and i replied "I hope thats you I see, else I'm about to get ganked"

    Indeed it was GuideMihr and I by shear fluke and luck had managed to be the first to find him!

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    What a great post. I'm glad you found him.

    I just hope you weren't the only person enjoying this event.

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    Very nice read.

    Congratulations Osirrus

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    what did you pick for your prize? a tree placed conveniently next to your totem?

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    nice, sounded like you had fun, nice read

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    Good show from the Guide team once again.

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    Been seeing alot of these lately, even at 7pm ish Aussie time. Personally they don't interest me BUT it is really good to see them.

    Good job the guides and devs.

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    Guidemihr ran a similar event today also; I won and it was a lot of fun
    I love our guides!

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