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    Final score: 6.8

    It is not all positives however, while the title certainly has oodles of creativity and unique gaming, it is also mired with indecision and ultimately a lack of what could be termed as actual gameplay. What should be a ground-breaking MMORPG is something that with the right care and attention could be great, but at the moment sadly falls a distance away from the mark.
    -Community driven
    -Crafting is extensive
    -Great building tools

    -Combat is uninspired
    -Is there an actual game here?
    -Most aspects are underdeveloped

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    thats just another players opinion. im personally still enjoying the game and still have a shit ton left to do.

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    6.8 is pretty generous tbh. Beyond building our little sandcastles, there's nothing to this game.

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    Earthrise is the debut Sci-Fi MMORPG from small indie developer Masthead Studios. Boasting free-form and sandbox gameplay – this online-‘em-up conjures images of Star Wars Galaxies and Anarchy Online, but sadly fails to measure up to the aforementioned in either ambition or design. Where we should be playing a refined and immersive title, we find a hollow, rat race for grind, gear and cash.

    Final Score

    -The game tries a different approach to levelling
    -The graphics are pretty
    -The world is expansive
    -Doesn't seem all that sandbox
    -Unoriginal, uninventive, and uninspired
    -Wallows in concepts that are a decade old

    Game costs double the price of this game, game was just recently fixed with a performance patch that still makes the game suck. open world FFA pvp full loot Game Started at a rating of 9.0 and is now 5.5 player rating of 9.8 and now 4.9.
    im still not sold on the whole this game sucks crash and burn mojo everyone has been saying. because people are still playing that game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmaculate View Post
    You try way too hard. Give it up sonny boy.
    So do you,

    just fyi i played both Xsyon and EarthRise, and its nothing new that im here and not there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armand View Post
    6.8 is pretty generous tbh. Beyond building our little sandcastles, there's nothing to this game.

    Even calling it a game at this point is being generous.


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