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    A Few Suggestions

    Sorry, but I am not too sure if these suggestions were already made, but here they are, and I feel that they would increase the efficiency of gathering materials, and moving materials around a lot faster.


    1. Create a Cart that you are able to build out of either scrap metals, or woods. With this cart you can carry a massive amount of materials, and still be able to move it around without getting tired as quick, unless there is too much material causing it to be too heavy. ( This idea was in Wurm Online ) This will really help the production rate of tribes and just moving materials would be a lot more efficient.

    2. Create a system where storing materials such as bricks, sand etc. Is a lot more organized. Or even storing personal belongings within a tribe area is more organized. Maybe a system where it allows you to name the bin, so if you hover your mouse over it, it says the name of it as if it were the same as a player.

    3. Create a friends list , tribe list where it shows who is online. Im sorry if this is already implemented, but I still havent found a feature that shows if a player is online or not. I asked around, and no one knows about it either. Implementing this would be really helpful. Instead of asking in tribe chat who is on, you can just manually see.

    Sorry again, if these suggestions were posted before again. I just really wanted to put this out!


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    We have ask for all three of them many moons ago.

    Jooky never said anything about adding carts as far as I can remember. But check the Questions for the week posts in the Developer Zone area of the forums.

    I think Jooky did say something some where about he would look into letting us name bins.

    There is a freinds list in-game, But there is no UI feature that tells you if they are in-game or not. We have pushed for a better UI for a long time, And I'm sure we will get it, Just no idea when.

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    we are getting pack animals for moving things around- the rest is all good stuff- we need it.

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