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    Quick question, considering buying

    I have been reading about this game for some time now and have been on the fence as to whether to dive in or not.

    I absolutely love the concept, my co-workers also think it's great, but I have been having a hard time finding any sort of roadmap? Not sure if that is the right word...but after reading through the forums and people being bored and things I'm kind of curious as to what the near future plans are if it's known yet.

    Also, where is Notorious Games based?

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    We all hope there is some road map, But as far as the player base goes, We only know a few things.

    From things Jooky(The Boss man of the game) has said. Prelude(Thats what we are in at this time) will be around 9 months long. There are some of us who think that prelude will be much longer than that. And the reason for this is, Jooky has said that the prelude is the time, That the game team will have everything on the feature list in-game And not only in-game but working as they should. Right now lot's of the features that is in game. Is in it's most basic form, Lot's of things will be revamped. Like PvP. Also, They will be adding more liand into the game.

    I know that does not tell you much, But thats what we know right now.

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    The "road map", so to speak, is whatever you'd like it to be. Its an open world that your choices influence. I would say that regardless of the current feature set if the end game you read about sounds like something you want to be a part of then why not help shape it and get it there. Not many games are as promising as this and start from scratch everyday. But in the end its up to you and the time you feel like putting in.

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    Yep, purchased a couple days ago and found this "roadmap":

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