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    So roll back and I lost like 16+ hours of play

    You can say sorry all you want but you're wasting my time. Is this going to happen again?
    Is your code really that bad that everything that I accomplish will be reduced to something nobody?

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    While the roll back is complete BS, how'd you loose 16 hours in a 10 hour roll back?

    Second major rollback in what 39 days of being "live"? Its hard enough finding motivation to play without this crap.

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    You play all day and then in the evening you realize it was all for nothing......... almost philsophical.

    But yeah, really frustrating, thats a holiday completly wasted. And its not just "playing", in mmos like this playing can be like working when it comes to terraforming marathons or crafting grind sessions.

    But what can we do; nothing. But i dont know how often i come back after such a rollback. This shouldnt happen again... at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caaahl View Post
    . This shouldnt happen again... at all.
    This should give you some comfort :

    Oh wait...

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    Seriously anything longer than an hour is unacceptable. Why bother playing if no data is saved. I think you should look into replacing some of your staff with people less inept. >_> All this does is hurt relations with your customer base. Another long pointless roll back and I might cancel my accounts and go play something that doesn't waste your time and isn't a pointlessly broke beta.

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    Same old song and dance from these people. They obviously can't deliver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armand View Post
    Same old song and dance from these people. They obviously can't deliver.
    I do find their attitude about the whole thing rather disturbing.

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    it's like a train wreck.

    good thing i haven't logged in in a week or so...nothing gained, nothing lost

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    Yeah, if you don't play, you won't lose anything.

    That's why only a few people lost something.

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