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    Really, REALLY want to try this game.

    First of all, i'd like to say hello

    I've been looking for a new mmorpg, i'm currently subscribed to WoW, but would like to switch. I've played almost every free MMO on the market, and many pay to play ones, and of them, Wurm was definatley one of my favorite, and searching through games i came across some videos of this on youtube. It looks AMAZING. I have a couple questions,

    1. How steep is the starting curve? I.E How long from when i start to where i can have a small house and a decent source of food and such, if i was alone.

    2. How populated is the game? I like having neighbors in close distance, but i don't like it being similar to a suburb, lol. Neighbors within a ten minute walk in Wurm were perfect.

    3. Is there any POSSIBLE way for me to try this game? I'm extremely interested, and just don't have the money to lay down currently for the game. But i'm really, really interested in this game, and want to try it, bad.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I'll answer your third question first, 3. Is there any POSSIBLE way for me to try this game? The simple answer is No. Xsyon is a very small team, And as such they did a paid beta. You didn't have to pay an sub, But you did have to buy the game to play beta. Prelude, Thats what we are in now, Is nothing more than an paid for with sub beta. A lot of the features are in-game but they are in there most basic form. And I don't see the team thinking of doing any free trails till after prelude. Prelude is said to run for around 9 months.

    1. How steep is the starting curve?
    No mater what skill(s) you pick, You will start off with every skill. The skill's you pick will start you off with 25 SP, And the rest of the skill's start at 5 SP. What this means is that it does not take much work to start doing what ever you want to. If you do go solo, I would say pick toolcrafter as a craft. This way you can make (In time) any tool you need for any other skill you want to try. Food is no big deal for now. With as much water that is in this game, You can fish for your food. You can find you a place to call your own and have yourself a tent up in just a few hours.

    2. How populated is the game?
    It's low and the numbers in game are going down right now. Some area's will make you feel like your the only one in the world. And other area's will have a ton of people in them. What time you play at and what area your in makes a big difference as to how many people you will see in-game right now. But I'm a fanboy for the game so I think the numbers will start going back up when some more of the features are turned on(Like taming) and other's like PVP is reworked and made better.

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    I started playing a few days ago. Its pretty fun.

    I started out with fishing,basketry and teraforming skill.(also unarmed combat, picks for weapon)

    I have had fun and spent many hours building my homestead with teraforming, and now trying to set up projects for walls.(still some teraforming to do also). And to collect stuff for buildign the projects. The area I am able to work on with just a homestead is pretty large

    I have seen peoples homesteads near me though I am kind of in an out of the way place near the green mist. I have not met the people near me. I talked to a few people while looking for a place for my homestead. Which i spent a few hours looking for though I allready had an idea of where I wanted to build.

    I do teraforming and architecture for awhile, then i go to a nearby stream to drink and fish. Then there is a junkpile I will go to that is not far.

    I have not looked to much but I do not think there are many creatures around right now, and they must be being worked on.Only some bears and a raccoon.

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    If you start out on your own, and plan to go solo, you NEED to start with basketry, or you will go f---ing insane trying to play this game. Toolcraft can be grinded easily, no point starting with that.

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    Not only do you need to go basketry you need to make sure you start off with at least 4 to 10 basket recipes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliksteel View Post
    I'll answer your third question first, "...." made better.
    Really Aliksteel, for a self appointed "fanboi" you gave the OP a remarkable good and realistic answer. So respect to you sir!

    And OP, even though you will find many people on the forums who will be able to point out all the flaws of the game (in great detail and credibility!) the feeling of accomplishment you will achieve if you actually play/be in Xsyon is, in my personal opinion mind you, very high.

    So even without wanting to sound like another fan(man), I wholeheartedly suggest you fork out the cash and try it out. If not an everlasting experience maybe (unless you really enjoy yourself here), the first month will give you an excellent taste of life in Xsyon.

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