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    Animals...dogs, cats, rats, chicken, hamster?

    Hello and morning everyone/evening, or afternoon. Still got my energy drinks and coffee...still up.

    I logged on after one of my many crashes. I see animals at the base of my tribe camp. At first I thought this was another weird bug. Really, dogs? cats? rats? chickens? hamsters? different kind of cats, different kind of dogs, kittens, puppies, and so forth. So before I relog, I asked in chat, anyone else getting this bug? Come to find out it wasnt a bug. Thank you Guide Lailah and Guide Dina.
    Here are couple of pics compressed. I forgot to take more while killing...hunting...umm playing with the animals.
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    cool, thanks for sharing.

    now we only need to have all these animals integrated into the world in a meaningfull way.

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    yeah they are mostly stuck in place although there is 1 dog and 1 chicken wandering around :P

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    Yeah looks awesome!
    those people saying that there are no animals in-game currently are totally mistaken..
    check out this picture as i was about to terraform myself a wall i get surprised and killed by this giant bear:

    Here the bear walks around in my tribe area after it killed me :P

    thank god it took off after the second time it killed me

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    If they release the hamsters... does that mean we'll get electricity?

    Thanks for the pictures, time to terraform me a litter box.

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    This is all fun but cant we get wild mooses, buffalos, cattle, mountain lions, Grizzly bears, some mountains wild goats ?

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