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Thread: Hello all

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    Hello all

    Old MMO player (Age and experience) looking for a good sandbox. I don't mind rough edges or challenge, the most important thing is community. Here's hoping this one is decent.

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    Welcome to the game Andy. Enjoy your stay from an old gamer to another

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    So I guess joining a tribe is the thing to do, is yours recruiting Boomer?

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    We are indeed. Click the links in our signature for more information.

    Welcome to the game

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    What starting area should I pick?

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    The closest one to our tribe is Glendale so perhaps you should pick that one

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    How do I talk to you guys in game.

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    Whisper Appollo, Koal, Bryan, Kinslayer one of us is usually on

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    Greetings andyhilton,

    And welcome to Xsyon.
    If you ever require help in-game contact the Guides on /H channel.

    See you in-game.

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