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    Lightbulb Fishing bowls/aquariums for storing fish and brags

    Make us able to find or create fish-bowls and aquariums where we can store our catched fish or other sea creatures (perhaps in future updates) which then also can provide as a food ressource instead of having to stack fish in our bags where they would rotten (realisticly) away...
    Ofcourse i also imagine us being able to see the different species swimming around inside of it.

    That's a feature i had gotten to think about while fishing for dinner myself

    What do you think about it

    Stig of Dannevirke (Danskernes virke)

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    We talked a little about something like this at the first of the year.
    Fish Farming

    I was a fan of it then, And still am now.

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    Aquaponics baby. Super cheap in real life too and you can feed your whole family that way.

    When food prices starting becoming insane, and it's already happening this year, maybe think about supplementing income by growing your own fruits, vegetables and farming your own seafood..

    Back on game this would be okay however it would somewhat defeat the purpose of fishing.

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