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    someone is still playing?

    someone is still playing? if yes can you get me an estimate of the current population?
    because today I came into the game world was the desert

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    Its EASTER Sunday. Relax please. haha

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    37 including the Guides? I honestly don't see today being any slower than normal.

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    i was out for easter stuff today. lots of bbq and kids hitting each other with eggs.

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    Population +1

    I'm still here

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    Yeah ppl are still here, like someone else said it's easter sunday and they have to entertain their demon spawn and the hag Much love to all you poor married bastards.

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    wow Bryan, good thing your family doesn't read the forums

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    Been checking out 942 and 982 and the surrounding 8 zones each of those zones since the last rollback. Normally there would've been 3-6 people online (depending on the time of day), last few days the most that's been online at any one point has been 1 and often none.

    2 of the players spotted have been there area a while (Rambo and Dave), 1 person spotted was a new player brought in by the mmog article.

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    come up north to Zone 1020; I can hear legion endless talking all across the area :P

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    Praetorian Guard (fatboy's folks) have had 2-4 people on most of the day I think. Come join us! 896/918,828 ish


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