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    Are subs turned on yet?

    The free time play for non-preorder subs were/are scheduled to start soon. My question is are they turned on? Does NG plan on starting to charge for this game this week onwards as non preorder subs falls due?

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    It's being worked on now and we are hopeful it'll be in soon.

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    Can you advise what happens to inactive accounts, mainly their totems, do they vanish?

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    Initially no, But I will get clearer information on this from Jordi and post back here.

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    Totem decay will be introduced later in Xsyon's development.

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    Good to know, At lest we know this want turn into another SWG. With empty tribal camps all over the place.

    Thanks for the update Dez.

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    Yes totem decay would be awesome. And at the end all land in the totem reverts back to final wipe day, so it looks as good as new Unrealistic but would make the game world look much better in the long run. Would be nice to have an option for other players to save the totem area (if say a player who put in a lot of work and made the landscape look really good) and make it their own, perhaps after the initial decay period where the original totem owner still has a chance to resub his account and save his totem.

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    I surely hope Totem decay is at the bottom of the list, it would be detrimental at this stage and really serve no purpose.

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    Subs will begin on the 1st for none pre-orders so long as you did not cancel your subscription.

    If you did cancel it and wish to ad it back on, I am working on that now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dezgard View Post
    It's being worked on now and we are hopeful it'll be in soon.
    Charging a sub fee for Xsyon in its current state is indefensible.

    No way is it in a fit state for this.

    I bought it a few days ago, and unless I see real improvement, I will not be subscribing.

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