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Thread: WTB - Baskets

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    WTB - Baskets

    I suppose I should have gone in with basketry as one of my skills to start with but I didn't. Was wondering if perhaps there is someone around zone 896 that may have an extra basket or two they can trade.

    Not sure what someone might be after in exchange but am willing to see what I can scrounge up.

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    The monks are in zone 777 and can make you as many baskets as you might want. Bring us scavenged recipes or help us a bit on the junkpile close to our monastery and it's fine, we're easy people.
    Vito - a humble monk of the Brethren of the Seals.

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    i live in zone 896. The Preatorian Guards. just come to my city somepoint today and ill be their to help ya out.
    The Praetorian Guards

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    Thanks all. I was actually on my way down to visit the monks at their monastery and came across a tribe that was extremely friendly as well.

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    781 if you ever need any in the future and are around
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