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Thread: New in town

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    New in town

    Howdy. I just jumped into Xsyon and love it so far.

    I do have one question I hope someone can help me with. I am looking for a friends totem and was wondering how the grid is laid out. For example I started in area 738 and went south into 739. He is in 700 which, it seems, would be in the far nw corner. He says, though, that he headed se from the start point. Does the map wrap around so the top and bottom or the sides meet?

    Thanks for any help and sorry if this is in the wrong section. Couldn't find a more appropriate section.

    Looking forward to many sleepless nights in Xsyon!!

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    Hey welcome to Xyson there are number of maps floating around the forums here that show the grids and their grid numbers

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    Hello and welcome to Xsyon,

    the grid is like so Moving North is +40 and south is -40, east is +1 and West is -1.

    So if im in zone 738 and need to get to 700 i have to move East 2 zones (738+2=740) and then south 1 zone (740-1=700)

    The pos numbers are similar
    XXX is your West<->East, it goes up if your headed east and down if your headed west
    YYY is your North<->South it goes up if your headed north and down if your headed south
    ZZZ is your elevation and it basically tells your altitude, water level at the lake is 496.5

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    Welcome to Xsyon!

    Take your time looking at some usefull sticky threads on prelude talk forums too.YOu can ask for help ingame " /h " chat command.


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    Hi Hemli, welcome and no the map doesnt wrap around

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    Welcome to Xsyon.

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    Hiya, welcome to the game. Some big changes coming soon I hope.

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