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Thread: Clearing snow

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    Clearing snow

    Give us ability to clear snow. New item: Snow showel, for tool crafters. Right now it all gets white and I don't know where road is, where junkpiles are etc. Let us clear snow pretty pls.

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    Agreed. Make it pretty fast too.

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    And so easy to implement..

    It should just be a duplicate of "Clear Land" instead call it "Clear Snow", make it remove snow instead of removing grass/twigs/branches.
    We don't need a new item for it. Normal shovels does the job just as well as a snow shovel..

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    Agreed. It just makes sense.

    When ranged weapons are implemented allow us to make snowballs too.

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    Agreed, I proposed this back in beta. It is reallllly difficult to terraform/level in the snow.

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    It is reallllly difficult to terraform/level in the snow.
    Right, but shouldn't it be? I mean there's a reason 10s of people die each year due to a heart attack while shoveling their walk. It's not exactly easy.

    Snow and weather in general SHOULD get in the way imo. But snow shouldn't be a lock down on your land either.

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    Server timeout, double posted.

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    Agreed! Definitely need a way to clear it (I don't care if it's just another terraforming option that takes energy..that works for me)

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    or at least make clear terrain clear snow ,
    how ever im afraid it would also remove those resources your tring to get at under the snow in some cases, like scrap and twigs and grass.

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