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    What's Bothering You?

    Please post in a constructive manner and don't flame for because what bothers someone else, isn't something that you think should bother someone else

    Dubanka's bother list:

    1. There is no point to the fact it's not a game, it's a sim. There is no reason to craft beyond crafting itself. There is no reason to build, beyond building itself. Because nothing has value, pvp is pointless because there is nothing to fight for or over. In short the basic game design does not appear to be complete.

    2. Lack of Developer communciation with the player base. In Jordi's most recent post, he states that,
    The Prelude is intended as a process between players and developers.
    . For this to be the case, there needs to be a much better flow of information between the devs and the players. We need to understand, succintly, what your intent is so that we can a) tell you if it's working/will work or b) if it's broken and why. Presently most forum debates between the players center around one group stating what they would like to see, and another group responding why it cant be because of something Jordi said somewhere a year or 2 back. As a community we are unable to really move forward because there is no concise, 'this is what our plan is/this is what we are looking to accomplish'...or even better, '...we do/do not plan on doing it like that, our current design has us doing it like this, what do you think?'. I think we're all happy to help you in the process, the devs just need to let us know if wwhat direction we need to start walking in, and provide an occasional course correction.

    3. I do not have a reason to pay for this game. I have no issue of having made my $40 contribution to the xsyon improvement charity fund. It was a leap of faith. I feel a little guilt about bringing my friends along, but all that is in another thread somewhere. What bothers me now, is looking at June 1, and the end of the 'free' period for pre-orders, i really don't see a reason to subscribe. There have been no improvements to actual game play. The entire 'free' period has been devoted to just making the game playable...and i'm still not sure if its current level of playability is due to actual stabilization changes, or the fact that there are 95% fewer people logging in than there were 6 weeks ago. But I have not seen anything to give me hope...or at least enough to spend any more cash on this product. I have not seen any communication (ie. #2) that tells me that the devs 'get it''s all vague hopey changey things will be better you'll see wink wink stuff. Give me a reason to support the product.

    thats my list.

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    1 - agreed. BIG problem here.

    2 - Don't care. I'd rather they fix stuff than talk to us.

    3 - Yup. If they bring in sub fees without major progress, they will lose many of the people remaining.

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    Agree with all 3. As always, Dubs articulately beats me to the punch!


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    #1 Not knowing if game-breaking features or the game-breaking implementation of features will make this game nothing new. Specifically in the area of player freedom vs. the illusion of player freedom.

    This is my biggest concern.

    EDIT: And ultimately what I will base my decision to keep subbing or not on.

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    I believe my list is somewhat similar.

    1. Need whatever form of skill-cap to be in place. Economies and societies are based around supply/demand and mutual benefit.My wife and I have been playing since launch...we're homesteaders, so we expect it to be a bit quiet (compared to a large tribe). We have no problem traveling a distance to trade or interact with folks. However, at this point, as Dubanka pointed out, there's absolutely no reason to even be playing, much less working with other people. They don't have anything I need and I have absolutely nothing they need. At this point any person can make anything they want in a matter of days.

    2. Those systems that were turned off need to be priority. I understand that many players are adamant that quality is already in-game. I'm not sure if it is or not, but working my skill to 100 on the hope that it does mean something provides very little purpose to be working towards it. At the same time, I already have 10 suits of armor, 30 weapons, stacks of tools, and many other things..because decay isn't working. Quality, Decay, Tooltips...those three things would add a tremendous amount of purpose and content to the game right now.

    3. We need content, ESPECIALLY before people start getting charged monthly fees (May 1st for Non-Preorder, According to Virtus) What is left of the active population will disappear if we start getting charged monthly fees. I understand that much of the "behind-the-scenes" work HAD to be done, but I also, at the same time, wonder if the improvements I see are the result of that work or the DRASTICALLY depleted active playerbase. We need SOMETHING and we need it before we start paying more money...

    4. My Single Biggest Bother... The phrase "In Progress". This is not a personal attack, but the phrase "In Progress" is beyond bothering me at this point. Although I believe I understand why (the launcher being revamped), the launcher message has not changed in two's still thanking us and referencing stuff done two weeks ago. New players have to figure out that there's one specific post on the forums somewhere that will inform them of the current state of the server. I specifically asked several days ago if we should expect small content patches or if we're going to be waiting on a mid-summer miracle patch. The answer, from Dezgard, is that we'll be getting smaller content patches as things are ready. This needs to happen as soon as the new launcher is in place. We need communication and we need transparency.

    I know it has to be trying and frustrating for the entire team working on this game, but it's part of the process. I love the game...hell, I've moved my homestead three times already (just for something to do) and explored the world completely several times, but even I'm about done with logging in until I see something change....something REAL change in the game...a purpose to play.
    Unfortunately, if the date for subscription start-ups comes before the day there is a purpose to logging in, I'll be cancelling my subscriptions and watching from the sidelines with fingers crossed...

    Thanks for the constructive thread Dubanka!

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    I really only have a problem with there not being enough to do in the game, and the stuff you can do has no real reason to do it. I think the communication isn't THAT bad though. As it stands right now, I bought two accounts so that I could let some of my friends play without them needing to sub first to try out the game. I don't mind me spending that money, because it went towards a dream of a spectacular game. I want to be apart of the early stages of xsyon and look back years later and say, "Oh yeah, I was there with all of the other veterans". But as it stands, I probably will not resub unless they add in some major content, which they have said they will do. Also it depends on if I can find a summer job to pay for the sub, so that's the real thing. My tribe has gone from 15 active players down to 4 if you don't count me, because I just log on to check out our tribe area and maybe build a few buildings that others have prepared.

    I suppose it comes down to the reason I don't actively play now is because so many of my tribemates have left due to the fact that there is nothing to do, and so I'm left alone with also nothing to do.

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    I'd like to add to #1: Combat (PvP/PvE) is broken first off, rather pointless second. I also enjoy FPS/RTS games, they are also rather pointless, but the process is entertaining and challenging.
    I know Combat is being "worked on", but to what extent? What really concerns see is: Even given the limited server load and simplistic combat, the client sync is horrible. ( with client pings < 20 ms )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubanka View Post
    Please post in a constructive manner and don't flame for because what bothers someone else, isn't something that you think should bother someone else

    Dubanka's bother list:

    1. There is no point to the fact it's not a game, it's a sim. There is no reason to craft beyond crafting itself. There is no reason to build, beyond building itself. Because nothing has value, pvp is pointless because there is nothing to fight for or over. In short the basic game design does not appear to be complete.
    This is kinda my only thing that bothers me. I can deal with bugs, I can deal with no comments or status updates from the devs etc.
    But Im just major bored playing the game. There is zero drive for me. Combat is broken really bad, crafting is very boring due to no reactions or thought in it (feels like a bot should be playing for me and I despise bots/macros). Econ is so broke its not even a joke anymore, nothing is rare, and trading is next to impossible due to no real system to even do anything with trade. There is no need due to nothing being rare. Crafted goods are worthless and not used for anything, and nothing breaks yet. Yes decay is coming, but thats not going to fix much at all for the ECON.

    Thats my only problem really.

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    If they fixed the combat alone, even if it was meaningless, i would be playing this more often for the fps combat aspect.

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    It seems, just from this thread alone, that there is general agreement as far as what is on the minds of current players. I'm not speaking for anyone but myself, nor do I let other peoples opinions (which they're entitled to) sway my decision wether to continue after my free month is over. I am in agreement however, with what is bothering said folks pertaining to lack of content. I'm faily new to Xsyon and enjoy the content currently availble. I do see myself blowing through what features are turned on right now, fairly quickly. This bothers me, as I limit myself to a single MMO/Online game at a time due to my real life obligations. It has been stated many times over that content is being worked on and features will be turned back on that were turned off at beta, and new ones implemented. To justify my paying a sub fee (again imo) core things like tree regrowth, and animal AI NEED to be working. These two features lead to current ones that are on, but cant be worked, (cant improve hunting without animals, woodcrafting with no trees) Again, I know its been stated that said features are on their way and will be tested soon, I only hope its in time!

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