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    Now, if I could only build a deck chair

    Twohan's New Deck

    While sliding limestone walls around my place I got this idea for a deck.


    Some more shots of the deck


    Here's a shot of the whole place.


    Ingame: Twohan

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    Its really best to get a photobucket/flickr/imageshak account and just use the IMG tag instead of attaching them to the forums since they require mod approval.

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    also, to my understanding (i could be wrong as i'm not staff) the moderators do not get an alert that images are pending approval, you have to PM them with a link to the thread

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    Here are the shots again with links to photobucket.

    The Deck

    Another View

    The Dakota Homestead

    Ingame: Twohan

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    Wow, very nice.

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