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    What happened with BarterTown website??? :O

    I went there today and I found the web was issued by the FBI?? Is this a joke or what?

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    Yeah i noticed that too. internet gambling?? what??

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    Sounds like a 1st April fool, but we have 1st May ...

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    the fbi warning is legit- it's what they do when they sieze a website

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeithStone View Post
    the fbi warning is legit- it's what they do when they sieze a website
    It's fake...why it's fake or for whatever reason, I cannot say, but it's not a legitimate FBI warning.

    Inspect the element or the code for the page...<img src="" width="960" height="720" alt="Smile"> That's the image...check the site it's coming from...

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    not the first time i have seen a site fake this. usually they use the ICE images instead of DOJ.

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    It probably means 'Stop coming here looking for a map, you're chewing up our bandwidth you beggars.'.

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    Not sure, just doesn't look legit.

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    It's legit, or atleast the page is.

    I've never been to that site before, but bartertown sounds like a trading website.

    Something tells me someone sold an account, and someone else payed for it with illegal money and the website got closed down for being the medium, investigation pending. Or they got a % of the sales and that ended up being illegal money.

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