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Thread: New Launcher

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    New Launcher

    First I would like to say good job. Been needing this info for a while.

    April 30 2011

    Hello Xsyon citizens!

    We've updated the launcher panel. The panel now shows:

    - Current Server Status
    - Link to display the latest updates posted here
    - Link to the forums
    - Link to IRC chat
    - Maintenance schedule

    We will continue to improve this, but this should give players easier access to information without having to check here.

    Now having said that, can we get it in a little easier format to read? Scrolling down to see all of it, isnt all that great. Plus can we remove the need to log in 2 times? Once for the patcher and once for the game?

    Maybe we can have buttons, instead of just links, that would take up less room. Also make it look a little better. The server status should be maybe just a green light, saying its up vs a red light saying its down.

    Im sure you get the idea. Anyways great job.

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    Pretty sure they said only 1 log in will be needed for the new patcher.

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    Would also like to get rid of the character selection requirement..we only have 1 character ...or at least auto-select our single character by default.

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