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    Pawnee tribe recruiting ( Neutral/lawful )


    My name is LaughingOak. I am the leader of The Pawnee.

    First of all, we are a group of players that have NO desire to pvp or be aggressive. While this may seem odd to some, The developer of this game wants pvp players as well as our play style in the game. We represent the co-op side of game play. We will promote peaceful relationships with other peaceful groups and do our best to ignore hostile groups. Trade, building and cooperation is our style.

    Second, many players come here with a desire to build their own housing and learn to terraform for themselves. We totally get that. So, each member has the ability to terraform and build any structure they want to. ( assuming they have unlocked that recipe already ) Want to build a fire? do it! Need to level your area or build a maze? Feel free!

    Third, if you are from a game like WURM and love to build, we are just the ticket! Current projects include, an 11 story tower and grand hall, a fully functioning castle with dungeons, living quarters and storage vault.

    Forth, We believe in free expression in how you play. There are no dictators, or elite group lording it over others. All are equal and have the option to be leaders by leading and setting the example. If you want greater permissions, just show your respect and maturity. All members start with basic permissions and will be allowed to terraform and build from the start. Abuse can happen and if it does they will just lose the permission they abuse.

    Our intent it to gain a fine reputation as master builders and traders. As the game population grows, we will be working hard to lead the way in all aspects of the game.

    So what can you expect from joining The Pawnee?

    1. The ability to terraform, build structures, start fires... have fun!
    2. We are a friendly tribe of crafters, builders, and traders. and while PvP is not our focus, protection of the weak is.
    3. We are a mature tribe, maturity being a respect for others and their playstyles. Age is not generally an issue as long as you remain mature in actions. No abusive speech, or childish antics.
    4. Projects are things anyone can help with, but nobody is forced or required to help if that is not their thing.
    5. Everyone gets truly private storage. If you want to hoard medallions, or shovel heads, or anything at all feel free. You gathered them so of course they are yours to do with as you want.
    6. Most projects and decisions will be made by a simple majority vote by all members. This is not a dictatorship, nor is it anarchy. Leadership will propose a project or major decision and all members will vote. Any projects already planned do not need to be voted on.
    7. PvP is allowed. Defending yourself or a fellow Pawnee from a pk'er or those that would harm us is one thing, but causing grief to any other player in any way is not what we are about. We are not interested in "getting" revenge, nor teaching anyone a lesson.
    8. Aggression in any form is not allowed. We cannot claim to be peaceful and still get revenge or punish others by aggressive actions. If you act aggressive you will be dropped from the tribe. We are just not the right tribe for you.

    We will participate in peaceful alliances. We are NOT interested in PVP alliances. We strongly believe that we can have fun without conflict.

    Some may feel this will put a bullseye on our backs, but I assure you that we as a tribe will be known as good people, and those that want to restore civilization, and do a better job this time. Pawnee will be known as a good example... always.

    If this sounds like something YOU would like to be a part of, Please fee free to contact LaughingOak or Tupux or any Pawnee member in game for information.
    Come by zone 896 | Pos |700 | 600 | 'ish ... along the lakeside road, and check us out.

    We look forward to meeting you and earning your trust.

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    Good luck with the new venture Mac

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    Heya, I've got to say that I am really impressed of the way that the tribe is evolving at the moment. I think LaughingOak really understood the challenge of keeping players active and found the best way to achieve that. All members are involved in all the projects and this is certainly not a one man show. All players share their ideas and we feed from that to move forward.

    I'm really looking to see you in game.

    Have a nice day,


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    Well said guys,

    I am really enjoying what's been set into motion. And its good to be part of a group that allows its players to be involved.

    See you all in- game.


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    Howdy again folks!

    We are making fine progress with the very beginnings of our seaside village!

    We plan on making this into a attractive and working village, with streets, gardens and a working seaport. If you would like to take part in rebuilding the world with us, and hate to see a hodgepodge of quickly thrown up walls of different types, then we will be a pleasant surprise. We are working from the start on using stone walls, well laid out and attractive.

    Now is the time to join us. If you are not an architect, we will build for you, but if you love that sort of thing every member is completely allowed to design and build their area. Our hope is that like any small village you may see in the EU, the differing styles will add the personal touch to our seaport and give it that hometown feel.

    We are in zone 856 ... Please contact, LaughingOak, BruceMacDog, Bearfoot, or Halstein for an invite!

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    Hi there,

    Gotta say it feels good to be in a friendly tribe where nothing is expected from you but a good and volunteer attitude. Tribe is growing more an more and is really active and all that in a sweet community. What more would one want? I think i could write a whole page about it but i also think that checking us in game just south of the lake and spend some time with any of us would speak louder than any word i could come up with.

    See you in game friends, let us build something great, one stone after another.


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    Well said

    We offer much to a new player. Safety, experienced players that can answer questions, freedom to do everything the game offers without stress or restrictions.

    Please drop by zone 856 pos 820 | 720 ish and chat with any Pawnee you see.

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    Simple bump to keep things going

    Added after 20 Hours 52 minutes:

    Our little town is coming right along. The plan is to make a seaside trading village.

    Come on down to zone 856 along the lakeside road at pos 800/700 and check it out!

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    If you are having a hard time finishing projects alone, or are tired of nobody to chat with as you play, Why not Check Out the Pawnee?

    We are a trading and Hunting Tribe that allows all members to terraform and build and enjoy all sides of the game without grief or stress.

    We are an experienced but laid back tribe, that is focused on crafting, building, hunting and trading... we are not focused on PVP. ( that does not mean we are patsies either

    Please whisper LaughingOak, BruceMacDog, or Bearfoot for information.

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    Friendly bump for Pawnee.

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