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    War system and village control.

    I know you guys plan on adding a war system. But i hear it is going to be that you have to have a war totem and both sides have to declare war for it to be capturable. I think that could ruin this game. You have done a great job so far at making this game realistic. In real life there would be no safe zones except for walls.Like in WURM. There should be a point to walls and defenses the WURM token system works great. If you can get to the totem you can destroy take or drain it. Walls should have hit points that take things like catapults to destroy and groups of players. Please please dont screw this game up by screwing with one of the main systems. Im fine with safe zones for now because of obvious bugs that could lead to exploits. But before you add the war system safe points should be removed and destroyable walls should be added with locking gates. That would make this game so much fun.
    Good luck

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    A lot of people are hoping for this plan also. Its pretty much what was the original thought when I got into this game. But I dont know what its been warped into now.

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