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    Suggest: a fix for tribal area expansion

    hi, orious13 suggested i post this here, so i am.

    why not have the code for tribal area expansion based on membership size check to see if the new tribe size area collides with any other tribal areas and if it would not collide then expand the area, if it does collide then print an error message.

    here's some pseudo-code to help out

    func tribal_area_update
        new_area_size = get_tribal_area_size(tribe_population)
        if check_tribal_area_collision(new_area_size) equals False then
            print_error_message("tribal area cannot be expanded due to nearby existing tribal areas")

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    I would suggest a better fix is return the tribal area size back to the way it was BEFORE Launch and the implementation of Homesteads, Clans, and Tribes.

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    i can't remember, was that just static size ?

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    Yes the area was a simple static size. A lot of the people who were clamoring about being unable to place totems have since left the game; or have taken a break from it for now.
    With three different sizes now it appears more bugs can creep into the code.

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