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    Wink New to game ,looking for a smaller tribe

    Hello folks im new and havent even seen the game yet (still downloading)im searching for a smaller tribe , maybe just starting out I wanna be able to help out in some way,feel like im a part and not just be another number,not saying big pop tribes are bad havent even seen em yet, but i just wanna bit of that pioneer feeling and like i said want my work and imput to actaully have meaning in the tribe.Iv been playing mmos for over 11 years now first was DAOC and countless others thus far most recent was DarkFall but the macroing to me just kills that game ,plz tell me theres not tons of macroing in this game too????

    live in u.s. central time zone(doesnt matter im always up)
    ps i know pvp isnt much in this game but someday it will be and i luv pvp

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    PM Sent, check your mail.

    Welcome to Xsyon.

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    I too am looking for a small tribe to be part of

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    Quote Originally Posted by egg187 View Post
    I too am looking for a small tribe to be part of
    pm sent.....

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