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    What game did you come from before Xsyon?

    I've seen a lot of Mortal Online mentions and a couple Darkfalls ones. Am curious where people came form as far as MMOs before they came to Xsyon.

    Partly because I'm curious, partly because I am looking for another game to pick up to play while not in Xsyon

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    There hasn't been an mmo in a long, long time. (Ok...I do actually think DF and MO are more of an mmo than most stuff out there).

    Fine if you really want to get technical... SWG, or Lineage 2 quiting in 2007ish. Just been bouncing around F2Ps (SB included) and betas since then. I have not played anything since then that has kept me actively playing for more than the free period, but have probably done so with 20-30 mmos.

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    I tried MO but oh my god. No. Im not going back to that ever.

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    Most recently Darkfall, but MO as well. Really nothing too enjoyable since SWG or UO. . DAoC etc. .but that is more likely my issue.

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    Roma Victor right before Xsyon however, Xsyon was just a baby. More like an idea than anything.
    I would say Darkfall, then Rift, then Xsyon (actively playing).

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    Warhammer when it first came out (6 months)(DDO when it first came out)(Did another stint in DDO about 8 months back and Did beta for mortal, but thank god I never paid for that piece of crap. So not really anything worth mentioning all are pretty much crap atm. I've been saying Xyson might be my last MMO but we'll see, companies suck and frankly ppl suck even worse these days. No such thing as social anymore.

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    last game was fallen earth before that vanguard before that SWG

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    An endless cycle of turds since Shadowbane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcalhou View Post
    Fallout: New Vegas
    You got the rpg part right, not quite the mmo. Not to say that isn't an excellent game though. Played through that game twice and a half

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