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    Crafted object repair?

    As you can read in the new update, it is said that "crafted object repair" is a feature in progress. I never heard of this system being implemented, and I don't understand how it will be balanced with item decay and a good economy. If items can be repaired, then crafting and economy won't be good as people won't need new items, just repair their old ones.

    The only way I could see viable some sort of objetc repairing system is if it is only used for buildings and maybe bins, or if you can repair all kind of items, then by repairing it you should decrease their max durability by a lot, so that repairing it like 2 times makes your item useless due to their very low max durability.

    Can any dev explain a bit more what object repair means?

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    Its all about balance.

    Right now in your mind you can say get 300 uses out of an item before it breaks.
    Well break those 300 uses down into tiers. Every 10% it lowers it QL. But if you repair it, it will bring back the QL but not the uses. Or you could say give items 300 total uses if they repair, but if they dont repair it breaks in 50 uses.

    Its all about balancing.

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    or, when you repair it it's not a perfect repair thus dropping the quality of that item and it has far less uses before needing to be repaired again.

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    WURM does this realtively well.

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    For those that played Roma Victor I think there style was good.

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    I like RV's system better, however, I think decay and repairing should have a more neg effect.

    Meaning in RV losing 1 QL wasnt much, should have lost like 10. Because going from 99 to even 50 would take a LONG time.
    One thing I did like about it is that you wanted higher QL items because it gave you a lot more use out of them.

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    i liked star wars galaxies decay system a bit.(pre nge)

    your item has a durability rating that is put on the item on creation you could affect the states during crafting. basically it has a duribility rating like 100/100 so when it takes damage it goes down to like 70/100 the lower you go the greater chance it has to break on repair and the more often you repair the lower the cap goes.

    I think we need something like that here that also lowers the quality of the weapon/armor so that after it takes damage but before it is repaired it either does less/blocks less damage.

    BAsically you should want to keep your weapon/armor new, you should want to repair it so it preforms optimally but you should also not want to repair it too often because there should be a risk of it breaking or the quality lowering.

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    Neocron had and still has the best decay system.

    item 100/100
    5 uses 90/100 etc
    0/100 broken
    90/90 repaired

    so at some point it's useless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dezgard View Post
    Neocron had and still has the best decay system.

    item 100/100
    5 uses 90/100 etc
    0/100 broken
    90/90 repaired

    so at some point it's useless.
    Yep pretty much what Im talking about.

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