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    Subscription and Card details.

    There should be a way of changing card details, as yet im unable to find it. This is a basic option that should be available to everyone for whatever reason, in my case I am paying my subscription on my credit card, which means i then have topay interest on the card, so I wanted to switch to my debit card, logged into my account and the only options I have are to cancell my sub, im wondering if I need to cancel the sub, then renew and put different card details in? What happens if someone has a card expire and they cant change the details to their new card?

    Seriously guys please add the 'edit payment method' option!

    Thanks and Kind Regards,

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    As of right now the only way to change it that i can see is cancel and wait for the time to run out then renew it the day it cancels with the new card.

    It would be nice to have a option to change that info.

    But alot of consideration needs to go into it and planning. I'm not sure if you are aware of the SOe hack that has happened recently where peoples personal info was downloaded along with bank and card info. As of right now all SOE games including on p3 have been shut down to further notice.

    I would recommend someone with vast knowledge of net and web creation to be on the team who can implament features which change our sign in names to a diffrent name of our choosing do to fact. If i was a hacker all i would need to do right now is see the name posting any post and then add a password cracker and bam eventually have there sign in info to there account. and access to any info that might be stored under there account managment tab. So this is something jooky will have to take time on and plan with much caution. Soe is one of the biggest mmo companies that has been around for years and dont take hackers light in any way or gold farmers/sellers an they got hacked. So as of right now i wouldn't recommend this option you are asking for. until they get a new system set up so your first part of your sign in info isnt in plain site you are better off canceling account then renewing it to change your card info i wouldn't recommend a option to store this info.

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