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    Pre order weapon quiality

    My pre-order weapon says Very High Quality. Swift axe I scavange (100 scavanging) says Master quality. So pre-orde weapons are not best in the game? Also was supreme quality changed with Master level?

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    supreme quality is still ingame if you terraform and get dirt in your inventory it says "Supreme Quality" it also says "Crafted by" and who ever dug it out of the ground

    Also i think your savaging skill affects the quality what you find, i have feathers in a bin that range from Low-Medium-High found by different people.

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    So what is the order of qualities then?

    Low..Moderate..High..Very High..Supreme..Master?
    Low..Moderate..High..Very High..Master..Supreme?

    Any other inbetween there I'm missing?

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    you would have to figure supreme, this is off of dirt from terraforming so its not going to have a quality rating of some type and if it did it would set to static amount.

    beta players stated that when tool tips where on those preorder weapons were showing supreme i think,

    basically the PO weapons are VH rating which is not the highest and you were able to find a better quality weapon. that throws the whole preorder nerf argument out of the window.

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    I've seen 7 levels of quality since patch.

    So far and what I assume is the order: junk, poor, low, moderate, high, very high and master.

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    Pretty sure very high replaces supreme as pre-orders were once supreme. none of our crafts were supreme many masters and lots of very highs.

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    right but if you have terraforming 100 you can get supreme dirt which goes down to moderate some times

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