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    John Rambo: Crimson Coyote

    Well I was out hunting for some stuff to raise my bonecrafting and I heard from a friend Alexi that there were a few coyotes near my zone. I packed up my hunting tools and weapons and headed in the direction indicated. Seeing a pack of coyotes I decided to kill the most active ones as to not get jumped by a lot of them at once, ended up only getting jumped by 3 (one more corpse just out of screenshot view).

    Now meanwhile those 3 baby coyotes are chilling as i skin Mama Coyote...and out of the corner of my right of the screen comes the pissed off Papa Coyote!

    Now another coyote! this is getting rediculous!

    Now that is what I call a MULTI-KILL!

    Had some great laughs dancing with wolves per say. Great job on adding more animal npcs to the game, it feels a lot more alive

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    Nice screenshots, looks pretty cool.

    Did those baby coyotes ever attack, or maybe try to hide or run?

    You killed the whole family hehe.

    I wonder if we have to worry about overhunting in this game if we kill them all so they cant reproduce? hehe

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    Yeah thinking back on it its like when the white man comes in and destroyed the Native American's land. I felt sorry for the inability of the npcs to now reproduce so I feel it would be better to selectively "thin" the numbers of wild animals. But to answer your question the lil baby coyotes were stationary until I initiated attacking where they did fight back.

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    i still feel bad for killing a puppy

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