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Thread: New Animals

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    New Animals

    Ok, so today I found chickens. Or rather they found me. Is there a list of what all animals we have and what they can be used for?

    I tried searching site and found not much.

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    I've only seen rats. As you would expect, they are fast breeding, non-agro and easy to kill. Only been able to harvest the head and feet.

    Can you eat the chickens? If so, what to they taste like?


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    Care to divulge any further information on where these guys found you? Any special location or specific site?

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    Chickens 861 on the road between the lake and the mountains, just north of the double waterfalls.

    I couldn't hit one to kill it so I have no idea what you get from them.

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    Found Chickens, Rats, a how you call it..squirrel....hard word in english if you know it in german only as eichhörnchen ^^

    And a hamster. the smaller ones are mostly around everywhere, hard to see if you dont pay attention. Helped me to scale down grass to a minimum and then to watch for small things movin around...we got a whole racoon famility on a junkyard at our neigbherhood etc...etc...

    There is mutch out there i guess. The Squirrel i found more up to the mountains.

    Chicken, Hamster and Rats i found direction to the see, lower land area with wide open terrain.

    i was able to get heads, foots and in some cases small bones. But no rips etc...atm.
    And it seems you cant eat chickens, but domastic taming would be nice now, specially with chickens

    Breakfirst Eggs and every sunday a chicken ^^

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    Lies! 904 I found one chicken in the ENTIRE zone, and I cant point fingers saying someone is killling them all because no one is even playing in our zone.

    Anyone in 903 or 904 seeing what they are seeing?

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    i've seen, and tangled with, a rat and heard about hamsters lol

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    Found Pirbule, Manx, rabbit

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  10. 05-09-2011, 01:16 AM

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    And still not a single snipe...

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