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    Any real changes with new AI and animal behaviour?

    I have not been able to play much, so anyone have seen any difference in animal numbers, how they act etc? Or you still just find 1-2 animals each 2 days of playing?

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    animals are all over know - we even stocked some for a while and watched them mate and pop out babies - pretty cool stuff!

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    i see more then 20 animals in 977 to 1019 big and small

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    740 mostly the same. Many smaller animals, racoons, chickens, rats all around. specially racoons and coyotis show group behavior. Chickens and Rats run around lonelty, maximum 2 at a time from what i found now. Up to the mountains i found good old Dears in different sizes and squirrels. Oh and a lonely Hamster. The Racoons has created a family at a junkyard, always 3-4 racoons different sizes runs around there.

    I would guess around 30-40 animals in this zone. I really dont try to kill them all, so they can breed ^^

    A other guy told he had found a Rabbit, but thats unconfirmed.

    I found only 1 animal that is stucked and this is because it ran into a very thig group of rocks. Seems like it stucks between 2 rocks.

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    hopefully with enough animals everyone gets that "i have to kill everything that walks" bug out of there system, then when players comback/signup the animal population can survive the same bug with them.

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    Anyone notice if they stop chasing at some point now? Just curious.

    Would check it out myself but doing a brief tour of duty in BC2...

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    yes, the animals are a welcome addition. as for AI i'm pretty sure it has been improved. on that note, there was a rat in camp and i got into a tangle with it, nearly killed me lol

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    Anyone notice if they stop chasing at some point now? Just curious.
    Well it seems so yes, Rats and Chickens got around 5 meter radius where they follow you, racoons has also a very short aggro-range and follow range in battle. Not a long chasing. Didnt checked coyotis or Dears , but i would guess they will not chase you for the rest of your live now =)

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    Rabbits attack from a few meters and loose aggro after a few meters distance too.

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    Funny, rabbits always run from me, from like 100 meters away too. (real life)

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