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    No dev team can seem to pull it off

    Here's an article I just read about sandbox MMO's and how there is ZERO true sandbox MMO's in existence. Wurm comes close but its animations and graphics and combat system is just terrible so it has no chance at being the first large sandbox (IMO).

    The first dev team to create this sandbox MMO is going to be very successful in terms of subscriber base. Xsyon is the exact idea this article touches on, it's just way too unfinished for positive word of mouth to start spreading.

    BUT I will say that Xsyon even in it's unfinished state is the closest thing to true sandbox than anything on the market.

    We just need a lot more tools, rarer resources (of all kinds, everything right now is far too easy to get), extremely rare resources, and then of course a good warfare and fun combat system.

    I actually think a sandbox game will be much easier to maintain in the long run.

    You won't have to do many content updates as the players create the content.

    You will just have to give us more tools as the game evolves. I can think of so many things, it's so easy to give a game like this depth

    Why not add blacksmith and mining? Mine ores, place ores into furnace, take hot metal out, hammer it, let it cool for 2 days REAL TIME. Log back in and your armor/weapon whatever is completed ( something for the future perhaps, when we discover how to mine and smith again)

    There are more steps than that in creating a piece of armor, but you catch my drift.

    Give the skill systems more depth and then add more skills.

    I started creating my own game in Unity but realized if Xsyon can't pull off a game like this I definitely can't.

    I have plenty of great ideas but am not too good at code. I think I'm just going to compile a huge suggestions list.

    After all, Jordi and the other devs coded changes to the physical world via terraforming, which seems difficult enough...I'm sure they can throw together the rest of these features if they could figure that part out...

    Good luck to you guys on getting this game off the ground. I'll be making a large post here with some suggestions soon.

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    I think the devs made a mistake WRT to the graphics. Something between MineCraft and this would have been less demanding on the engine. That, or having only certain areas as terraformable. Also, have a limit on the number of interactable items each player can have on the map. Well, there probably IS a limit, but it is excessive to have dozens of bags, fires, and uncompleted building projects out there for each player. Stuff should decay fairly quickly for players/tribes that haven't logged on recently.

    I agree that mining and smithing would be a lot more satisfying than digging through a scrap pile.

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    Yeah but from what i see at the moment in the game...

    If we got allready woodcrafting, its only a small step to metal crafting. If we got allready patterns with "Small Metal Blocks" and so on, its only a small step to a Metal Ingot.

    All we would need would be a rock-type as example , like iron-ore or somethin, a architecture building like a forge or a smith, and then the skill and somebody who simply combines the Ore with somethin else and tools, and create ingots out of them.

    From there itīs the good old basics to craft forward to all you need. I still see the Junkyards at the moment just at the beginnin point. Think about it...for a small tribe its maybe easyer to create tools/Weapons etc...out of old Junk. And Junk will be no unlimited resource.

    Later when you got basic tools, architecture stuff and so on and your tribe is big enough to support it , you could settle over for real blacksmith work. I personly have no doubt that there will be a Ore-System with smelting, forging and blacksmith. The engine and the craftsystem could allready support it. If you could now get the system to aknowledge a "Need" type so you can only smelt ores at a Forge-Building, it would be perfect.

    We got Wood and Stonecrafting. Metalcrafting is a matter of time. But at the moment we got still plenty junk ressources. Still cool it would be introduced in prelude. Itīs a basic.

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    I think ATITD is the closest thing. Its just lacking combat.

    Toss in combat and it would be full on sandbox.

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    Yes Mr DDT but do you play it? No.

    So therefore it problably not a good game at all

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    EVE is quite successful and easily counts as a sandbox MMO. It certainly isn't a theme park. The entirety of what makes EVE enjoyable is player-generated content. Sure it has missions and "dungeons" but they are completely peripheral to the main game and are ignored by the majority of the players.

    edit: And even with all the problems Wurm has it's still more enjoyable than Xsyon in its current state. Due to basic design differences I don't see Xsyon ever reaching a point where exploring the map is nearly as interesting as it is in Wurm. Those poor graphics people complain about? Well that's what enables those extremely dense forests that you can actually get lost in. I don't see Xsyon's engine supporting thick forests with those nice-looking but graphically expensive trees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT View Post
    I think ATITD is the closest thing. Its just lacking combat.

    Toss in combat and it would be full on sandbox.
    Not really. Atitd is way too linear and limited to be a good sandbox. Not to mention that it resets in like every 2 years.

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    Mankind! And Beyond Protocole. By the way, a silent minute for all who liked Beyond Protocol MMORTS. The Company has closed door last month, the game was shut down
    Out of money....

    Both are RTS, Mankind had mh...still NPC Bases, a 80% sandbox..beyond protocole however was completly player driven economy and no NPC`s at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadzia View Post
    Not really. Atitd is way too linear and limited to be a good sandbox. Not to mention that it resets in like every 2 years.
    Im not sure what you mean by it being linear. Do you mean that you have to train x skill before you can do Y? All sandboxes are like that because that's how it would be. Doesnt make sense to be able to do everything without learning other things first.

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    eve did it right, thats why the are one of the biggest independent devs in the world. Shores of hazeron it pretty damn good to and once the update the graphics it could become a bit popular. Wurm is the best land sandbox i think, stuff takes time and effort, the world is huge its just a bit ugly.

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