Wanted to advertise locally for the 941 area in which I live, the services of a bonecrafter (Zone: 941 | 842,455). Just bring your materials and I can produce High Quality to Very High Quality armor (depending on the quality of materials that you bring me). I charge no fee for my time, simply looking to reach 100 Bonecrafting, although tips are nice You can message me anytime in-game as Rambo or I'll try to check my PMs on the forums.

91 Bonecrafting and I have every set in the game: Hugaleti Bearbone Set, Welmeti Deerbone Set, Crag Deathbone Set, Pauwalu Bearbone Set, Washoe Deerbone Set, Ponderosa Deathbone Set, Zephyr Deerbone Set, Hellhole Deathbone Set, Carson Deerbone Set, Tallac Bearbone Set.

P.S. I loaded my totem quests up with a Zephyr Deerbone Set & Hugaleti Bearbone Set in exchange for Steel Screws. More sets to be posted to the Totem's Quests in the near future.