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    Terrain disappears

    Terrain seems to disappear randomly, might have something to do with being near an incline.

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    Re:Terrain disappears

    This just happened to me to... I tried relogging and it didn't fix it.

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    Re:Terrain disappears

    Just got access, and this happened sometime last night around 7pm (-8 PST) may 14. I was just randomly running around, not trying to do anything (ie clicking on stumps, or any other dropped interactable items), when all of a sudden all the world terrain disappeared, except for water. Reloging, deleting/creating new char's does not resolve this. Ever since the one glitch, the world terrain is permantly like this, for all old and new char's. I took like 3 screen shots, but nothing was in my screen shot folder, or other typical "my documents" type folders. However, all the terrain looks exactly like Leiros's screenie, with the small exception that you can see all objects on the ground (Ie; stumps, various size logs, harvestable bundles, and bags)

    Will try to re-run current installer to see if this fixes. Likely a corrupted world texture file or 10.

    Edit: Situation is not exactly like Virtus explained it. For me, the situation initially occurred on a fairly flat plane. (Zephyr starter location, near the lake shore, on mostly flat and even terrain.)

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    Re:Terrain disappears

    Well re-running the installer accomplished nothing. Shouldn't there be an option to run a file corruption/version validation check? Either with the installer, or before logging in? Heck, even just an executable file that you manually run would be welcome (and thus not require any changes to the log in screen, or install package).

    That is a bit heavy handed to expect that any corrupted file issues would result in a complete re-download and reinstall. After all, even with fast internet connections, some of our internet providers impose monthly download limits. Several complete redownloadings of 3+ GB a week x 2 computers (2 people in my apartment have pre-ordered), and that spells problems with my monthly totals. Now, for the people who have slower connections? Forget about it...

    Anyway, there is defiantly a call for this type of function, IMO.

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    Re:Terrain disappears

    Hello Nitesky,

    The installer does run a validation check on all files before launching the game, and any corrupt or changed files are individually replaced. This isn't a problem with corrupted files.

    Please send me the screenshots ( if you haven't already done so.


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    Re:Terrain disappears

    Screenies sent into bug email address. Pic's as follows for anyone else to see. (using photo bucket links, so I dont murder this page with large pics)

    Transparent Terrain 1

    Transparent Terrain 2

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    Re:Terrain disappears

    Ok, with the help of Jordi, and some helpful random advice in game (sorry, I forgot who it was that was talking to me in-game about this), this looks to be resolved and unreproducible. This was likely just my video drivers being out dated, and just picked a weird time to become corrupted. Unfortunately, I preformed too many troubleshooting steps at once, so I can not say where the issue was resolved exactly.

    Jordi did inform me that this was an old issue they were having, and the more recent builds should not be causing this from a game standpoint, so if anyone else encounters this issue, I would recommend first checking to see if your video drivers are outdated. Especially if this issue happens shortly after getting access to the game for the first time (like it did with me).

    If that does not fix things, and you care to try and narrow down some of the possibly problematic settings, try the steps below:

    1) Update video drivers (incase you didn't read above)
    2) Turn off water settings, one at a time.
    (Disabling water reflections were recommended to me in game, but I disabled several others, so I am not sure if this was the one causing the issue or not.)
    3) Turn off shadow settings, one at a time.

    If you try and turn off too many settings at once, it really does not help much in narrowing down if a particular setting is causing issues, so try and do them one at a time. I know its painful relogging into the game multiple times, just to check one setting, but that is really the only way to help this issue for others. Unfortunately, I jumped the gun, so I missed my chance at doing some constructive testing.

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    Re:Terrain disappears

    yea this was happening to me too, was actually taking screen shots when you were. i'll see if its just my video drivers needing updates

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    Re:Terrain disappears

    yup updating drivers worked like a charm, i'm now working my settings at full which is pretty BA

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    Re:Terrain disappears

    I've been getting this issue a lot more lately. I've always seen it exploring the map in various locations but I just figured they were isolated issues. I knew there was a terrain rendering update coming so I didn't bother reporting them.

    Now suddenly it's occurring more and more and it's not going away. It started happening around the large debris piles I do most of my scavenging (little south of the middle of zone 190). And the weird thing is when it was happening on one character I logged onto another and went to the same location and didn't see the issue for a while. But eventually it started happening on that one too. It's gotten so bad that I can't really even play anymore because I can't see the ground or recognize my surroundings.

    I did notice a certain pattern though. I decided to leave my scavenging area and head back to Round Hill, thinking it was a glitch in the terrain in that area. So I started running north to where I could see normal terrain beyond an east/west border. I crossed over onto this solid terrain and kept going north. Suddenly the terrain below me went transparent and I could see a new border to the north where the transparent terrain ended. As I kept running this kept happening and looking behind me it didn't appear any of the terrain was filling itself back in. Just to try to get some more data I ran back south and as I did the northern terrain started to fill back in. Running back north turned it transparent again. I checked some coordinates and discovered that the borders between the transparent and solid terrain occurred at regular intervals of 128 meters.

    I should note that I updated my drivers to the most recent available from my card's manufacturer (257.21) and this issue happened for no apparent reason. I suppose I can't rule out heat issues or that my card is damaged.

    Here are a couple of videos demonstrating this issue:

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