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    Lightbulb Tribe/Homesteader space thought

    I would suggest a system like in wurm online where you can buy land as a tribe or a homestead.

    This is how it goes you can build any where with out buying land and your buildings and all have a rate of decay. walls and all can be repaired and improved the better the quality the longer it takes for them to decay slows rate down but they still decay.

    If you buy land your walls and buildings dont decay as long as it's on your property you bought. Tools decay with use so do other things just buildings walls wells and stationary things dont decay.

    If you quit the game and no longer have a active account all your stuff starts to decay faster to point it rots away freeing up space for new comers who plan on staying.

    This type of system would help homesteaders be able to have larger land masses which will help problems im seeing we are going to have in the future when farming and all come into play. First how many sqaures will it take per field? How many different crops is there going to be? Will there ever been animal breeding if so how many sqaures will that take? Will they need fence to keep them stationary and not run back off in the wild? How big will the fence need to be? All this is going to cause problems with out a way to expand land.Specially for home steaders.

    What will tribes do with 50 people in them will they have room for tribal crops and breeding grounds along with there players housing?

    Some way to purchase more land should be an option. and have benfits for doing so like no decay on stationary obejects that never move. Wurm online has this pegged real well. I would suggest this or something very similar to it to help these issues ive listted for the exspanding world of Xsyon.

    Inh wurm you can buy money online use it to buy land deeds and then determin the size you want 10 by 20 or 50 by 50 lot. Of course this feature has a upkeep prise every month which i think is fair.

    Food for thought.

    How would you deal with land space for farming and breeding and all as Xsyon exspands?

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    i like the current system we have for tribe lands- but yes we do need decay for items/structures.

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    Personally i think that if a homesteader wants more land they should..... .join a tribe......

    the radius you get as a homestead player is good enough for a small starter tribe of about 2-4 players, you dont need any more than that, hence the naming of homestead.

    If your thinking you want to have a farm then you might be looking to form a band. .

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    Again these replys are one sided. They are being looked at from only a tribes point of view.

    So what im understanding here is you are telling people who want to build something on there own they need to join a tribe if they want more land.

    Well here is the major issue you are always going to run into every time with this. The tribe leader has full control over who can do what on the tribal land. He tells who can terraform all way down to what you can scavange from junk piles on the tribal land. 90% of tribal leaders don't let there tribe mates have free terraforming rights to do what they want and building rights for that matter. Why? cause tribal land is limitted to the number of members in it! There for they have to not let everyone get out fo control and try to make things look neat thats why there the tribal leader.

    There are going to be many players who will want to farm there own crops and breed there own animals and terraform and build there own little section on the tribal land. Which can't and will not happen do to the limitted space they have. So telling people to join a tribe if you want more land space don't change any thing either side will grow short of land space. I don;t care if you are tribe or homesteader your space will be small. so tribe people you say should be allowed to have farm land and homesteaders not?
    If thats not what you are trying to imply? Thats what you implyed.

    You are not looking at the growth of xsyon or future added features that will cause the use of more land mass. You are looking at now now on xsyon. Farming is around the corner if i read the articles right it's on test or getting ready to go to test server.

    Example homestead is a 10x10 .....Tribe lets say of 10 members is a 30x40 square where can you see the benfit of joining a tribe? Where does the tribe have enough room to add farm land to produce enough food for the whole tribe.

    The big picture you are not looking at is the actual size of a tribe and a home stead and the growth of land mass from a tribe. I'm pritty sure that jooky looked at the tribe land mass and cut it into sections like a graph to determin how much land should be given per member. So what ever a home steaders land mass is it would be 10 x that for a tribe of 10 rounded in a square. which is where i get the 30x40 example.

    The point is homesteader and tribe will not have the land mass to expand with farm and animal breeding if animal breeding ever comes to Xsyon. You answer to all this will probly be they can expand tribal land bigger if thats the case and you are going to leave out the home steader. you are one siding this look into the future and exspanding world of xsyon and you can't do that.

    If you respond to this post or original post above you need to look at this not just from a tribal view point but also as a homesteader view point.

    Jooky can't look at this from a one sided view point. He has to look at it from both sides then make a desission on how to proceed. I don't think many of you can ever run a company and have it run successful cause you look at things from one view and that view only.So don't read this post and post a 10 sec reply take a day or 2 to think about it take it all in, then come back when you might have a similar idea a better idea to the future problem.

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    right but you want advantages of having a larger radius like a tribe but you still want to be solo...

    i played as a homesteader for about a week the area you get by your self is huge, you can make a house and a small plot of crops that woudl supply your self with no issues.

    I know your going to complain that you should be allowed to get more land with out having to join a tribe then if thats the case the tribe should be allowed to increase there totem radius too. has to work both ways.

    Tribes will get conquest totems where they can grow the crops they dont have room for, these will be attackable.

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    I'm a homesteader and I think the current land is very...very...generous as is. Leave land expansion to the tribes as they probably need it..

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    My point is this how many squares will it take to make 1 crop field if jooky makes it take 4 squares to make one crop field then space will run out fast when making a garden for a source of food when cooking. I dont think the graphics on a 1 square will fetch well. You need to look at how big a square is in xsyon and then look at it how will a wheat crop look on one square? How will it look on 4 squares and how much will it yield if the crop takes up 4 squares.

    Point is Jooky hasn't mentioned any thing about farming but its in the works. Nice it's in the works. But with out me pointing out issues i see that will happen so jooky can take a closer look at it before dropping it in game and then having more issues. Rem guys and gals jooky has alot going on very busy man and some things can be over looked with that much on his plate. I post here cause don't want to bother the man and blow up his email with thought's and potiental problems if he over looked it do to lack of sleep. I put my self in his shoes if I was him i'd be working 20 hr days that being said I can't assume he works 8 hr's and goes home and sleeps.

    I'm sure hes like most of us computer driven nuts 8 hrs turns into 20. You think i'll give it another hr before you know it 8 hrs has gone by before you realize you still wound up in the screen.

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    A system where homestead/tribe areas can be enlarged somehow and not simply based on the number of members would be very nice. That would give much more freedom to the game and would give a big motivation to players.

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    Another thing i was looking at There has been mention that in future there will be 2 story homes and ability to hang stuff. right now if you look at the building structers that is not possible or to put furniture in them your charachter takes up so much room on there own when you stand in them. in the future how big will a house be square wise will they end up taking more square tiles if so then again land mass will deplete. There has to be some way to increase land mass homestead and tribal.

    I did post a post on a system that is working well for another game.

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    Keep the ideas coming Arkonick. Some people will like them and some will not.

    I just think the homestead area is so big that it's almost too big...for just 1 person. I have A LOT of possible crop space....and space for a dozen houses.

    I do like ideas for extending area size that isn't related to only the amount of people inside it, but not for homestead sized players.

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