Elder Philosophers of The Rainy River Tribe have theorized that Rainy River flows upstream due to the massive levels of heavy metals in the surrounding areas soil that is seeping into the river at an alarming rate. This combined with the massive magnetic force that has been emanating from high in the mountains beyond the mist since the apocalypse. This is not only affecting the fishing in the area but is also confusing the various fish species in the area that used to rely on the regulated river flow to reach their spawning grounds.

The Rainy River Tribe will be running a Scavenging Contest this weekend in the local area 738:| 800:| 700:| which we are hoping will help clear or find the source of some of these heavy metals that are polluting the beautiful Rainy River.

Contest time, Prizes and winning scavenged items to be announced so stay tuned!!

Inyuk Chuk