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    Starting Today - Looking for a fun Tribe!

    Hello everyone!

    I'm starting today (after watching the amazing Saintbob's videos on YouTube), and I'm looking for a tribe to join. I plan to be a gatherer/crafter/hunter, because I don't like PvP too much (I suck at it actually). I would prefer to join a Tribe that has Ventrilo or any other voice chat tool, because it really makes any game more fun. =)

    So, if you have an active, laid back and fun Tribe and need a helping hand, I'm your man! =D

    Cya in-game!

    PS - No Idea if the US and EU servers are there only for patch purposes, but I'll be using the US one (Its closer to where I live).

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    Yes the US/EU option is for patch servers. After that there is only one game server and sometimes a test server. Welcome!

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    Thats awesome! So the whole world play together... thats pretty cool =D

    Cya in-game (as soon as I download it... dont know why but its very slow 100kb/s =((( )

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    Xsyon Citizen Osirrus's Avatar
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    Cheshire, England, U.k
    Hello Gargaroots, Welcome to Xsyon.

    If you are llooking for a friendly medium sized tribe who are focussed on having fun while gathering crafting and hunting. We have members from both the USA and the UK.
    Maybe you should check out The Redtail Tribe.

    Zone 1059 coord - 700/700/700
    start at Crystal spawn point and shout for a Redtail in /s chat

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    Thats exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks for the invite Osirrus! =)
    I'll definitely check out The Redtail Tribe.

    Cya soon!

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    Xsyon Citizen Osirrus's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Cheshire, England, U.k
    hello again. I'll be about most of the weekend give me a /w or ask for any Redtail in chat.

    Start at Crystal and head north see you soon.

    there is another large tribe near by called Legion we are allied with them so if for some bizarre reason you cant get hold of a Redtail they'll point you in the right direction.

    Cya in game soon hopefully

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