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    Smile What I'd Do...

    I haven’t been in-game long, but I figured I’d post my suggestions here if for no other reason than to get them out of my head!!
    Here’s what I’d do right now…

    1. Fix combat (not revamp…just fix it so it works right now).

    2. Implement decay on everything (including skills)

    3. Implement Regional Resources & Revamp current recipes incorporating these regional resources in order to promote trade (best wood for weapon hilts is in SE corner of map, etc)

    4. Implement some form of restrictive skill-cap (soft-cap, hard-cap, etc) promote interaction and trade.

    5. Implement mechanics to accommodate large trades (pack animals, wagons, etc)

    6. Finish up the architecture system with working walls, floors, and roofs so that people can truly customize and build their own structures (along with this, fix current structures so that they have a function/work)

    These ideas would open up a HUGE door for trade, interaction, conflict, and purpose in the game…I even think most combat/PvP-oriented people would be much happier with the current system at least working until the new one is ready…
    This would allow people to start filling/defining their roles in-game…traders, mercenaries, bandits, guards, trade-brokers, etc
    The importance of roads to large-trade options (animals, wagons) would provide reason for the establishment and building of roads and traderoutes as well as providing some options for political/inter-tribal communication (tribes could tax a traderoute in return for keeping it free of bandits/brigands)

    Going one step further (down the road somewhere) would be the implementation of catastrophes/disasters (probably related to the mist) in which certain zones experience a limitation of resources (disease rots trees making the quality fall, etc). This would provide instant demand and fuel trade, conflict, and interaction. (These resources would certainly return to normal after some time).

    I’m not a programmer, but I realize this list is a large work-load. And I realize that I have more ideas than would ever fit into one game. I also realize there are many other people with many other great ideas. This is just my idea proposed to give the game purpose and to fill in some of the current gaps. (With some constructive criticisms and ideas by MrDDT, Fatboy, NorCalGooey, and others in IRC)

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    Great list and even if they are not 100% my thoughts on it, I can see all these are needed.

    I would also list safe area for new players too. I just killed a guy today, and no idea he was 10 seconds old until I tried to loot him and saw all newb items. He said he only walked about 100meters before dying.

    Lot of these things can be hammered out and done in many different ways, but they are all very important to get the ball rolling.

    Good post Aiden.

    I like about the outside the box thinking of the decay with the trees rotting etc. Pretty cool idea.

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    Personally I would greatly prefer it if item Decay would kindly not be implemented until there's some way to make saws and other objects more easily (but especially saws, since as far as I've seen all saws require an 'old saw blade' to make) or some of the recipe gain formulas are reworked.

    Mainly because a lot of tools (and weapons that function as tools) require processed wooden parts to make and it would be too easy for a starting toolmaker to find his tools are on the verge of breaking and he still has no way to make the materials he needs to replace them.

    Because of the way recipes for toolmaking are gained, it's very possible to go through several craft knives and hammers before you get recipes for craft knives and hammers you can actually get the materials for without also having to make woodworking and tailoring/leatherworking tools, which you also need to find materials for (especially bothersome are woodworking tools that actually require 'wooden handles' which you of course cannot make without already having woodworking tools).

    And this mainly because those suggestions sound like the kind of basic 'I'm already established and growing bored' suggestions that don't give much thought to how they affect recently made characters. Because a recently made character or even a recently established tribe with less than 5 people is basically going to either not have the ability to make baskets for storage, tools for crafting, wood parts for same, the necessary skills for gathering and enough stuff to actually trade.
    And in turn most established Tribes aren't going to ascribe much value to the low grade crafts and materials a new character will be able to make.

    End result is that while this encourages trade and activity among established tribes who are currently sitting on their asses, hoarding stuff, which is good, it will also force new players who lack the resources to trade for, or craft, even the most basic of their needs to either divert massive amounts of effort towards finding something worth trading or relying on the charity of the established Tribes (which they're less likely to give once every piece of charity they give a new player is one less item they can use to replenish their decaying stockpiles).

    Plus if an established Tribe finds the area they've settled in suddenly has crappy wood (or stone or fish or leather or what have you), they can trade for wood (or stone or fish or leather etc...) from better regions, but if a starting woodcrafter (or fisher etc...) settles in an area where the resource they're focussed on gathering turn out to be low quality, they'll have worn out their tools before getting enough quality resources to trade for replacements.

    So, to summarise, the idea is a good one and I'd like to see it happen, but until there's a way for 'lowbie' characters to counter this (preferably without making starting tools unbreakable and 'soulbound') it's probably too early to implement it.

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