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Thread: jump broken?

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    jump broken?

    Hi there,

    Just wondered if there's an issue with the Jump function. I've tried re-setting bindings, setting them to defaults and no matter what I do, I can't jump. Is that normal?

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    You mean the spacebar jump? Its certainly "broken" But no its quite useable in terms of what you mean. Sounds weird. Hope someone can help ya out.

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    yeah, that's what I mean. I can't jump up and down.

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    I can jump just fine, but then it's certainly broken, jumping down a little hill is as if I had a paraglider on my back, and jumping down a steeper slope feels like I'm travelling on an A380.

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    My biggest beef with jumping right now is that you can't jump between lets say to raised platforms. A invisible wall comes and blocks you from a certain success with the jump. Just stupid but maybe has to do with the difference in altitude.

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