The following is a list of Proposed Improvement and Tweaks. The list is formed from the experience of current early access players, community input and insight gained from game play videos.

I will keep the OP updated with both new Suggestions and Tweaks

NOTE: IF you wish to add a suggestion, please do so in another thread where is can be discussed by the community before being added to this list.

Suggestions marked with a * are points that should be added/tweaked as soon as possible.

Suggestions in green will be added soon.

Suggestions in grey are not likely to be implemented for a while. Others will be implemented or are likely to be evolutions during the Prelude over the course of this year.

Suggestions that have been added to the game will be removed from the list.

Suggestions, Improvements and Tweaks


Terraforming, Crafting and Gathering
Allow players to terraform down on rock using a pick axe.

Have the mounds and ditches made from terraforming a bit more smoothed, it is currently a bit unimmersive seeing sharp polygonal shapes made from dirt, a little smoothing would keep the accuracy and make it look a hell of a lot better.

Add a simple starting compass that when used simply points north and a tinkering skill later that allows the player to create more accurate and advanced compasses. When open the player should move slower.

Add a simple starting map item the player starts with that when used appears in the UI and shows a very simple outline of the lake and the players position.

Players can then create more accurate maps later on with the drawing skill, or possibly a cartography skill if you can think of a way of making it work.

Allow the player to create telescopes in a tinkering skill later.

Allow players to create musical instruments later using the tinkering or some other skill.

Add a music editor that a player can access when they use a musical instrument, assign notes to keyboard keys and allow the player to record a song which is then saved to the players "music book" or womething similar.

Remove the progress bar for cutting down a tree and instead give the tree a certain number of "hit points" the larger the tree the more hit points it has (possibly even have this randomized slightly from tree to tree). When you face the tree and click "cut down tree" your character will begin to chop down the tree as they currently do. However the players logging skill and the quality/type of axe they are using determine how much "damage" they are doing and hence how long it will take to cut down. There are a few distinct advantages to this system; Firstly it allows variation in time to cut down large and small trees and secondly it allow another player to help cut down the tree faster as the tree will reach 0 "hit points" sooner and hence fall thus encouraging team work. If necessary for this to work have the user need to target the tree before they can chop it down, this would work in well with the next suggestion anyway.

Allow the player to target trees etc before cutting them down as to see what kind of tree it is, furthermore add the option to examine objects in the world and in the case of the tree, examination will tell the player how old the tree is; Sapling, Young, Mature, Old, Over Aged, Decaying. The age of the tree should also influence how many logs it will yield and how long it takes to cut down. (Yes, I know this is borrowed from Wurm, but it is a good system).

Allow players to specify a number of items they wish to craft in a text field somewhere within the crafting window so that we don't need to keep re-adding the tools and materials for every craft even if we have the materials for multiple.

Have the player crouch when scavenging.

When cutting a felled tree up have the player perform the action multiple times, each time yielding one long instead of an entire pile in one action. and Have the tree only disappear when it has been depleted of all resources. This worked well in Wurm and it makes the player feel more like the logs are the direct result of their action and it is more immersive/realistic.

*When you terraform on snow, if you dig deep enough the snow should disappear leaving the ground texture visible.

You should have to dig past the snow until you reach the ground layer before you can build a road, if not then when you build a road it should appear over the snow (preferably the first option), because it is incredibly difficult to make a road in the snow as you cant see where you are building.

Add the ability, to create paper with wood, water and other materials.

Add a writing skill that allow the player to open a simple text editor when using a piece of paper/parchment and pen/pencil. When writing on paper the player should be able to walk only. Possibly only allow text to be deleted/edited when being first made, then after the changes are saved the paper and its contents become a real world item, text can be added to but not deleted or changed.

Add a drawing skill that allows the player to open a simple drawing program when using a piece of paper/parchment and pen/pencil. When drawing on paper the player should be able to walk only. Possibly only allow images to be added to not erased.

Character and Skills

Add an action/skill similar to hiding called climbing. Basically a player may enter this mode, when in climbing mode movement takes more energy and the player moves slower however they are able to travel up far steeper surfaces then those you can move up when running. This was done well in Wurm.

Make Road Building a separate skill as it makes no sense to be under terraforming.

Add options for changing your characters facial features.

Make it so that when you greatly increase your characters weight their legs/knees also spread apart to reduce the strange chicken leg look.

Add an explanation tool tip to what the different stats and skills do and what their effect is in game, when creating your character.

User Interface

We need a way to instantly close all windows, then open the same windows right back up. Needed for quick clearing of the viewing area incase of combat, etc.

Add proper tooltip windows for the following; Items, Skills, Actions, Emotes Status Bars, Window Button (Skills, Inventory, Resources etc).

Add a scroll bar to crafting lists and allow the player to cycle down the list with the arrow keys.

Have players names only appear above their head when you cursor over them. Players whom you have met and evil players (who you need not meet to know their name) names should appear over ther heads when cursored over while good players you have yet to meet would not appear at all. It is less intrusive and allows players to hide but still allows you to tell the players name if you want.

Change the red/orange circle that appears below your target to a less intrusive color such as green. The current color really breaks immersion. Or better yet simply have the target just stay "lighter" as things currently do when cursored over, this removes the need for a targeting circle entirely.

Add more hotbars with the ability to scroll through them by pressing Shift+,1,2,3etc.

Add a system log that will tell the player what is happening, crafting fails, damage etc.

Reduce the size of the Inventory window by moving the two side panels inward and maximizing pace, possibly also reduce its physical size as it currently takes up far too much space.

Add a scroll bar to the skills window instead of the up and down arrows.

Graphically overhaul the skills menu, currently it looks boring and simplistic. Possibly desing it more toward a skills book theme.

On the character selection screen have the players last logged in, or only character selected by default.

On the character selection screen, the "Enter Xsyon" button should be above "Delete Character" button.

Add a nicer and higher res background image to character creation and selection.

Add tool tips for Emotes.

Move the "Entering so and so area" text to the top of the screen instead of in the middle.

*Add a log off button in addition to the Exit button and when clicked have a timer displayed until the user logs off.

When dragging an icon into the hotbar have the hotbar slot you are currently cursoring over highlight.

When creating a character have the stat selection tool, and Height and Weight etc work on a slider slider in addition to the click to increase/decrease.

Aesthetically overhaul the Interface making it more visually appealing, as the current one looks outdated and basic, possibly make give it an appropriate theme.

to their *Change the Current Inventory/Weight and Bulk system to the following:
1. Make bags operate in a free form manner similar to Darkfall/Ultima Online so that Items can be freely dragged around inside them.
2. Bags themselves have a volume limit depending upon their size and reflect this by how large they are on the players screen when open.
3. Smaller bags can be placed inside larger ones if the player wishes.
4. The player has an over all weight limit that determines how much weight they can carry, This includes items in their Inventory and their Paper Doll.
5. Each item has a Volume and a Weight attribute.
6. The total volume of items in a bag cannot exceed its volume limit.
7. The total weight of items carried by the player (including inventory and paper doll) gets very close weight limit they move slower and slower, until they can no longer move.

Movement and The World

The player should be able to hold S when jumping to slow down horizontal motion and control their jump length.

Currently it is impossible to properly control jumping and this makes it very dificult when jumping from one thing to another or over a specific distance.

The snow is nice, but the snow closest to the camera is a little too big/too much, possibly reduce the size of the snow over all.

Add some kind of visual indicator that your character is resting. i.e sitting down, bent over with hand on knees, something.

For some reason sometimes dirt shows up through the snow in strange circular and lined patterns instead of the irregular patches as it should. This should be changed.

Add some far more densely packed areas of trees/bushes if they are ever added. Such forests would act as prime resource points as well as great places to hide or lose people in.

*First person view is currently very bad it feels disconnected and un-immersive not to mention buggy. Allow the player to always see their hands even when not in combat mode and rework first person swing animations to look more fluent and less glitchy (slowing down swing speed further would help this). Possibly also allow the character to see their feet/legs when looking down.

Currently when you spin your character it is very apparent that the grass planes are spinning with you this is especially obvious when viewed from above. Not sure how this can be improved but making it less obvious would be nice.

Allow players to crouch and prone and add a skill that determines a players speed

Allow players to swim under water by aiming the camera down into the water.

When it starts raining or snowing, at certain times have it start soft and get heavier instead of just instantly bucketing down, likewise have it slowly die away instead of suddenly ceasing.

Add bushes to the world as currently there are only trees, possible allow players to forage in bushes.

Controls and Key Bindings
Allow players to adjust music volume more precisely as currently the lowest volume is too loud and the only other option is to have it off.

Add a mouse sensitivity slider in the options.

Add support to the key bindings menu for additional mouse buttons (Mouse 4, 5 etc).

Audio, Sound Effects and Emotes
Add and animation and sound effect for taking fall damage.

Change or remove the sound effects for opening and closing UI windows as they are currently very annoying, either that or have an option to turn them off.

Allow players to set the sound effects for the emotes to one of the following;
On for set one (Includes all emote sounds)
On for set two (Includes only realistic emote sounds)
Off (Turns off all emote sounds)

Add a "I surrender" Emote showing the characters hand in the air.

Graphics and Animations

Add a way to change the directory screen shots are saved in.

Add a warning that you lost your connection with the server