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    Are Hunting skill-ups planned?

    I have noticed that I am not getting any skill gain in hunting, which I think is the gathering of bones, skin, head, and feet from animal corpses. As a result I can only get moderate quality bones from animals at best. So before I start putting skill points from leveling into hunting I was wondering if there is a plan to allow hunting to level from use like other skills. Anybody heard or seen anything on this topic?

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    If its going to be anything like logging, thats going to be allot of animals to kill.

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    Hunting skilling up is not active due to it tying in with other skills.
    Im sure its planned, and I hope it takes as long or longer than logging =P

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    What do you mean "due to it tying in with other skills"? As far as I can tell all gatheringg or resource skills tie into other skills, what makes hunting special?

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    This is what I was told my DevDezgard.
    He said he couldnt tell me what it was tied to because it would release to much info.

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    Ah, ok thanks for the info

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