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    2-3 hours to go...

    At least that's what I estimate my remaining download time to be. Hopefully it'll be more towards the 2 hour end. In the meantime, howdy!

    I'll be joining the game with my other half, who has yet to register and purchase a license. I spent yesterday and today devouring information, primarily to be sure of what I was getting us into. Don't really fancy the idea of spending $80 to discover it's not our kinda game. So far it sounds very much like what we're looking for and we're really anticipating getting started.

    The impression I've gotten so far reminds me a lot of the Wastelands in SecondLife, only more nature/less burnt out wrecks, and with a nice little game mechanic system built in... for anyone who's been there.

    What else, what else... For your general information, I'll likely keep the same name as my forum name. I am a roleplayer, in case anyone is interested. We don't know what starting point we'll pick, and no we won't be joining a tribe at this time. We'll probably spend some time exploring before tying ourselves down to others.

    And now, I think it's time for a movie. See you on the other side.

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    welcome Airil and have fun.the game for me is just GREAT.may the god fill you with light!!!

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    Welcome to Xsyon and enjoy!

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    Welcome, I cant wait to see you in game.

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    Welcome to Xsyon

    Hope you both enjoy your time with us.

    Any concerns or ingame issues, please contact a Guide for assistance on /H in the chat panel.


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