Day 246 - Awakening of The Hermit

After the long Xsyon winter the snow began to melt and the hermit awoke to an empty Barter Town. All the items had been left, but everyone had migrated South to another more tolerable zone. After a few hours of playing with his beloved buckets, petting them on their lids reassuring them they would all be ok. As he looks on into the distance something strange appeared, something he hadn't seen before the last winter, an animal with a large rump and circular rotating legs!

Sneaking up closer the animal was chasing a man, and had nearly caught him right between the tusk. Seeing the dire situation the Hermit raced down the hill and jumped it with all his might. Knocking it over its guts spilling all over the ground. The man who was being chased now jumping up and down with excitement grabbed the hermit by the throat to give him a hug.

Man: You... YOU!... Idiot!
The hermit looked back at him with a look of confusion. Pointing to the animal and raising his arms tried to explain his deed of slaying the giant monster. The man looked back down at the hermit in disgust.

Man: Are you serious, you crazy old man. That is my cart! That is my stuff! You act like you have been living under a basket or rock all these years.
The hermit simply grinned at the mention of baskets... running back up the hill he grabbed his little collection and hurried back down. Showing them off one by one like a proud father.

Man: Wait you live here all by yourself?
The hermit nodded, and gave the man a sad look.

Man: Here gather your stuff up, put it in the cart and you can come with me...