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    Cool Hello from a Sandbox Lover!

    Hi my name is WhiteZombie , I like to be referred to as White or WZ!

    I recently found this little jewel and am anxiously awaiting my patches to finish.

    I came from a game emulation project of starwars galaxies which is essentially a very great sandbox game but missing to many features for me to carry on.

    I am a now retired Guild Leader of over 200 people (as of yesterday I retired) I always enjoy helping people and supporting community type players promoting group activities and teaching of the game to new players. I recently retired to get away from server drama and being "in charge" It was a great time but over 5 months of it I felt I needed a new game, new setting, and new people for my relaxation time!

    I like to role play , PvP , craft , and explore
    (wow this game is gonna work out great for me)

    I am 22, Married and a father of a wonderful son. I recently graduated from ITT with an associates in computer networking!


    Enough about me though! I hope to make ALOT of new friends here and learn alot about the game mechanics.

    -Currently I can offer Ventrilo Voice chat servers and private forums for a tribe
    (or two, or community if people need a general place to chat with friends)

    Well anyways I believe my in-game name will be WhiteZombie just because I love to be referred to as WZ or White as I stated before.

    See you all in-game and feel free to be my friend

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    Welcome to Xsyon. If you need a tribe, just pm me here on the fourms. :-)

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    Welcome to Xsyon White feel free to come check out the Redtail Tribe in zone 1059

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    Always good to see new people joining the game. Welcome! Hope you enjoy the game.

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    Seen you around in game, welcome to zone 861! Or one of its neighboring ones.

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    Feel free to visit the Monastery of the Twin Waterfalls (in zone 777) some time. We monks welcome travellers, especially when they like to roleplay.

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    Welcome to Xsyon

    Glad to see new an active players in Xsyon


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