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Thread: Going away sale

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    Going away sale

    selling: plastic/metal/wooden bats
    many different kind of bones LQ-HQ
    5 and 10 weights
    a fewcouple recipes
    steel/iron LQ
    metal rods LQ
    metal spikes LQ
    plastic buttons

    trading for only pennies, quarters, bottle caps, beer tabs

    pennies: VLQ=1, LQ=2, MQ= 3, HQ/VHQ= 4, Master=5
    quarters: VLQ=15, LQ= 25, MQ= 35, HQ/VHQ= 45, Master= 55
    Bottle caps: VLQ= .7, LQ=1, MQ= 1.5, HQ= 2 , VHQ= 2.5, master =3
    beer tabs: VLQ= .5, lQ= .7, MQ= 1, HQ= 1.5, VHQ= 2, master= 2.5

    what each quality is worth to me

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    May want to post where this is?

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    Xsyon Citizen joexxxz's Avatar
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    Are you moving to a different state?

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    send me a message or whisper me in game DobleBallua
    moved from alpine meadows(i think) to tahoe...not enough junkpiles in the mountains, or atleast where i was located\

    i also have other things that arnt listed, if you want/need something in particular
    ask, i may have it

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