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    Armors - test, conclusion and proposals

    I have tested all 4 types of armor, here are the results for everyone to ponder on (if you care):

    No armor = I die to 8 hits fro pre-order axe from my friend who has lvl 27 axe and lvl28 armed combat. (I'm very high in skills due to heavy grind in all skills)

    1. Grass - Daogwa assault (lvl60) - very high quality - I die in 12 hits
    2. Cloth - lvl50 armors (any) - very high quality - I die in 13-14 hits (really minor difference)
    3. Leather armor (castle rock, lvl70) - very high quality - 17-18 hits
    4. Bone armor (Washoe Dearbone, lvl55) - moderate to high quality (thanks to Rambo for providing this armor in a nice trade against some vhq tools) - 30-31 hits

    So I can draw following conclusion for each armor:

    - Grass and cloth have around 1.5x multiplier on your HP
    - Leather has around 2x multiplier on your HP
    - Bone has 3.75, I guess even 4 at higher qualities (this needs confirmation)

    ************************************************** ******

    Right now, using these numbers, everyone will want bone armor due to it being much better compared to anything else. In fact no other armor makes sense at all considering that it is the same pain in the arse making any high level armor. Even moderate bone will give you awesome protection.

    I propose adding some perks to other armors to help the economy and don's screw all who went some other way then bone.

    - Grass - good for hiding (there are some rumours around this one but nothing confirmed yet). Example: When you hide you are invisible (regardless of your skill) as long as you don't move so you can set ambush or wait until someone pases you so you can continue on your way.
    - Cloth - Light with some extra protection, adds to comfort in the future
    - Leather - Medium protection, medium weight, adds to comfort in the winter
    - Bone - Best protection, heaviest of all

    I hope this helps someone, post your tests (if you like sharing info that is).

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    I agree with they need MORE reasons, but they already do have a reason.
    I'm pretty sure comfort will go into these effects also later. Plus other skill types, like dodge parry and block. Once the combat revamp is done we will know more.

    I would like to seen bonuses and negs to each.
    I think one major bonus to things like grass and cloth are they are super super easy to get the resources for them.

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    It looks like there's also a limit on maximum durability for the different types of armour.

    Grass: Low
    Cloth: Moderate Low
    Leather: Moderate High
    Bones: Very High

    These limits can be upped one step with the tools giving a bonus to durability.

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    It's useless to make test combat now till new combat system is ready

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    Nice testing results Plague. Besides bone being the most heavy and most protective, it also looks the coolest in my opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuideMihr View Post
    It's useless to make test combat now till new combat system is ready
    Dont say that youre getting me excited!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuideMihr View Post
    It's useless to make test combat now till new combat system is ready
    I wouldn't call it useless, because it still gives feedback that can be used while they are in the process of developing new combat.

    My take on equipment: Every piece of equipment should be useful in game even if you are a maxed out character fighting other maxed out characters and high level mobs. All equipment should have positives and negatives to promote players having to make a choice of what to use, but the negatives should never be so bad that players wouldn't want to use them at all. Since balance is so difficult to achieve, the developers should pay attention to the community and rebalance as needed.

    If you play Eve, you will start in a frigate class ship. Frigate class ships have low hit points and low damage; however, they are fast (which makes them hard to hit by larger, more powerful, ships) and they are still good at fulfilling support roles or for taking out the enemies "support" ships if fitted to deal damage. So while you start with one, you can still use a frigate and be useful in a mixed group.

    Tl;dr: Even starter equipment should have some usefullness at "end-game" but higher tier equipment should also be useful despite the costs.

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    Plague what level is your character?

    Someone should test this kind of stuff on a high level character and fresh see if leveling up actually increases hit points or not.

    30 hits with a pre order axe? I found that damn hard to believe i get 3 or 4 shotted by a pre order axe

    you must have a lot of health

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    I hope the devs create a spreadsheet that clearly lays out the different level ranges and different types of armors in those ranges. Each item should have their own pros and cons that that compare to the others in: weight, protection, comfort, etc.

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    Encumbrance should effect damage done...just saying.

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