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    Guys i need some1 to help me terraforming my land @ 797 ..
    We can deal on nails/bolts what ever ..

    /w JoeTi in Game
    iam online now :P

    Added after 6 Hours 40 minutes:

    Any1 ?! Still online BTW

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    That person would have to join your tribe (leave his) and do a looot of work for you as terraforming is terribly dull and time consuming. And you don't have that many nails to pay him.

    I would do it myself if I was you. You will get a lot of skills and save nails.

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    the game mechanics push us away from helping each other out, leave and come back when they make the game more interactive in terms of relations between people in a game.

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    nah ill just move to a better spot were i can do better

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    just remember leveling prefers up over down. and you stand on a tile that is a slant ie \ it will make it level while making the two adjacent tiles slants unless they are the same height as the tile your on.

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    If you can figure levelling the ground terraforming is soo easy. and i find fun

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    Closing not going anywhere.

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