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    Use Skill points or not?

    Hi guys, quick question: Should i use or keep my skill leveling points? Maybe a guide could answer here. If im using them right now and theres new skills coming up that i would like to be good at, ill be penalized unless you gives us a chance to redistribute them.



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    Yes you can use your skill points now.
    When new skills become available that are not currently in-game now, the Developers will introduce a system that will enable you to put points into these new skills, without needing to re-roll your character.

    Something similar to World of Warcraft perhaps, and only available when new skills are available.

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    If what I understand is right you get more experience for using a skill that is at a lower level. So for example. . don't spend points on something that is easy to gain such is scavenging - especially early on. . it would be a waste of points and slow your XP gain using that skill. I would save all the points you can since you will gain experience faster using lower skills. Having said that. . using points to raise higher skills takes more points.

    My suggestion. . assuming I am right would be to only spend the points on things you find horrific to grind and don't want to use a tonne to raise such as combat skills or architecture. Architecture takes so long to make one item that even the lower levels are killer. Maybe spend them on hiding

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    Also remember you cannot use points after a skill is 90. SO use them early not later, since the higher the skill you are putting points into the less they mean.

    Example:from 5 to 15 you get 1 skill point increase for each point used, later it drops to 1 skill point for every 2 used, then less and less till it is pretty much useless.

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    Save points for UPKEEP when decay hits as well as COMBAT skills. They are very, very slow leveling. Unless you want to be a pure crafter... I would just save them for now. I have 160 saved for Archery or Polearms or something fun like that

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    wasn't it like 400 something points to go from 5-90

    but anyone to Op yeah dont bother spending skill points on anything you can level quickly ie most crafting skills, most survival skills the only ones you really would want to raise are combat skills, hiding and architechture, if your 1 point away from crafting a new recipt like say your 59 leather working and you really want to make that level 60 armor you could do it then but dont do that too many times.

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