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    Questions of the Week 5/23 through 5/28

    Please post your Questions to the Developers below.

    Thank you.

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    Question Asked by jemmus in this thread. Great patch!

    How do the animals interact with each other? If we have bears in an area, do they drive away/consume the deer? If dogs, do they drive away/consume chickens? Do dogs and coyotes get along? Basically what I'm wondering is if there's a check and balance among the animals. If we, say, conserve bears, are we losing deer population?

    P.S. Where are the pumas? : )

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    What kind of options are being looked at for transport/travel (pack animals, carts, etc) and is there any kind of timeline on implementation of those systems?

    Are there any plans to do away with the "same-type, same-color" requirements for crafting/architecture? For example, will I eventually be able to make a spiked log wall out of several different types of logs (as long as I have 10 logs available)?

    *Edit* - Thought of another one.

    Are there any plans for totem decay in the future? I know it will need to be awhile (many people may come flooding back in after combat, etc). Just curious.


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    My question is like Aidens.

    Are there any plans to help exporting of items other than killing yourself and respawning at your totem? Carts, mules, take a rope and tying stuff up and dragging it, sleds etc?

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    How are you going to prevent warring tribes from abusing ALT ACCOUNT safe zone tribes???

    Meaning that even if there is a REQUIREMENT for warring tribes to have their home totem area completely unsafe because they are attackers themselves, that doesn't make their items unprotected. People think outside the box.

    My suggestion is pretty simple. Don't allow WAR or EXPANSION totems to be placed in the same area as current safe totems. Meaning, I think it would be great until the mist is rolled back and to use those areas beyond the mist as WAR lands.

    ALT account safe zones can still be abused with this system UNLESS it is made so an expansion totem MUST be placed 2k+ meters AWAY FROM the border of the SAFE TOTEM LAND and WAR TOTEM LAND.

    It doesn't totally prevent it. For example, a tribe who lives right near the lakes edge could use an ALT account to put another safe zone at the very edge of the green mist (or where warfare and safe totem areas meet). This would allow them to move goods from their warring totem to their safe area in a much shorter amount of time.

    However, they could never surpass that 2k+ meter mark. They would always have to travel at least that far. So no matter what, to get the goods to be completely safe if they had the goods at their warring totem, they would have to travel 2,000 meters. Anyone can gank them in that time.

    Then, going along with the Aiden and DDT's idea, add in carts or caravans that can only be used on roads, and it will be very easy to know the paths between WARRING tribes and their ALT safe zone tribes. So for them to even transfer goods they would need a large defense team...or DDT might jump them and delete all their loots!

    This was long, but it's very important. I gave my suggestion just to spark the fuel for your ideas on this issue.

    How do you plan to stop alt tribe abuse?

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    Are we going to able to terraform rocks, such as granite and the like in the future?

    Sorry if this one has already been answered. I haven't been able to find anything relating to it so far.

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    Currently you need to open a bag and drag and drop your weapons to change them out.

    Are there plans to make switching weapons easier, or add weapon hotkeys, to allow for people to change easily and swiftly from archery to melee back to archery during combat?

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    Good evening,

    Is there a skill decay for the crafting and gathering skills? I leveled up several of these skills, but i dont see any decay. I think that is a big problem of this game, because it enforces the problem of almost every tribe being self-sufficent, when everybody is able to produce everything.

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    Are safe zones going to be removed at some point where we need to use walls/gates to keep people out of tribe zones?

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    When will cooking and farming be implemented?

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