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    Cool Ray Pew checking in - Hai gaiz

    What's up guys?
    Started Xsyon again last night. I tried it for a couple of hours back when it was "suppose to come out first" about a year ago and it was way unfinished so I decided to have another look later. So here we go once again. Going to give it a go.

    I"m going to keep a video journal going for a little while, sort of a "play along series". Those who are interested are more than welcome to follow and give me suggestions what to do. I'm clueless for now

    My journey starts here:

    p.s. Should I start my own tribe or join someone elses?

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    Video journeys are great.

    Joining a tribe is much easier to level your skills up, but it's not impossible as a homesteader. Just make sure you take the basketry skill with at least one basket recipe if you plan on going at it alone.

    Welcome back to the game. I hope you enjoy! Whisper Appollo in game if you would like to come check out our tribe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCalGooey View Post
    Video journeys are great.
    Especially when you get PK'd within first 20 seconds after popping in game

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    I'm almost positive that was MrDDT. He made a comment in IRC yesterday about possibly killing a 10 second old player. It was you haha

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    Ya sorry Stevo.
    That was me. I had a chat with you after the fight. There is no way for me to tell if you are a new player, your life, sometimes even hard to see names in Xsyon.

    I would like to just say Im sorry, but glad you took it as a sport. Nice video other than the sound desync and welcome to Xsyon. If you need help just ask, you know my name =P

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    No need to apologize. I'd put me out of my misery if I were in your shoes.
    Good times... Payback is coming though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanyok View Post
    No need to apologize. I'd put me out of my misery if I were in your shoes.
    Good times... Payback is coming though.
    We need more players like you in this game!

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    Welcome to Xsyon

    In case you remember me I was Celestial on the early Xsyon days.

    Enjoy !

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    lol sounds like youve had an eventful return vanyok welcome back to Xsyon. Feel free to come check out the Redtail Tribe in Zone 1059

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