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    Talking Happy Birthday...Me!

    Just wanted to share this with the community. My wife came up with this masterpiece for my birthday!

    Here's hoping for the best for Xsyon! We're obviously addicted!

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    haha! that cakes awsome. tell ur wife she did a great job and happy b-day bud!

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    Hey Aiden (Nyctimus here) Happy birthday and that is one kick ass cake! Best of luck to you enjoy your special day

    EDIT: Just saw the randomly placed baskets just like in xsyon lol. nice

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    She did a good job! Cool wife.

    Happy birthday

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    Tell her good job on the cake.
    Now get back to work on the terraforming.
    That bottom right doesnt look level to me. (jking).

    Happy B day, and props to the woman.

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    I love it! Thanks for sharing!

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    Wow. That cake makes me want to see what your wife can build in game! Even the baskets are very well done

    Oh yes and happy birthday!

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    I see sand!

    Happy Birthday

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    I hope there are nice quests at your totem

    Happy b-day and gratz on the awesome cake.

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    Ha! that made my day very nice mate happy birthday.

    Can i submit a bug report for it?

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